Happy, Happy Birthday!

Nineteen years. That's how long I've been a mom. I was all down with my oldest turning 19 right up until she said, "Gosh, I'll be 20 next year." I have nothing against aging when it's myself I'm talking about (so I'm 43. Who cares?) but when my kids are numbers that start with 2 and have a second number involved, I apparently have major issues with that.

Good thing I have a whole year to work through that issue, huh?

Happy birthday to the best daughter in the entire world. Nineteen looks simply fabulous on you, hon. Ridiculously proud doesn't even begin to cover our feelings for you. The maturity you show for someone your age is a testament to how you allow God to grow you through circumstances, and is as much as anyone can ask of their children.

Happy birthday, Becky. We love you so much.

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