Just Let It Die, Okay?

I just have 3 words to say.


Seriously. We survived the long and cold winter and are living through the last days of it hoping for spring to make an appearance sometime before July 22nd. You think I'm kidding but I'm really not. We were in the outskirts of Pittsburgh last week and I was amazed that there was no snow on the ground. I actually stood in a flower bed just to stand on God's earth. I haven't seen that in so long I kind of forgot that we had brown stuff under all the white stuff.

Okay, so I exaggerate a bit. But not much. We're all living this frigid winter together, no matter who you are. Except maybe Florida. I'm not sure Florida suffered too much this winter. Lucky Floridians.

I watched the landscape on the drive home from Pittsburgh to see where all the snow begins. Pretty much when you come over the mountain is when, because there's a reason there are 2 ski resorts on that mountain that we live on. It attracts snow. It might even make its own snow. One can't be too sure.

I looked at the fields and yards as we drove up one road and down another. There was some grass exposed here and a patch of gravel drive exposed there. Honestly, the winter really was dying. I was wondering why I thought we had SO.MUCH.SNOW. because there wasn't as much left as I envisioned there was.

I blame the long and cold winter for messing with my mind. Perhaps its frost bitten way inside there. Can a brain get frost bite?

We turned onto our road. Yep, even our neighbors had patches of dead lawn coming through their snow. It was heartening to see. We passed my parents' farm on the left side of the road and they had a brown lane in to the barn as well as streaks of deadish green through their yard. They live directly across from us. I looked to the right at our own acreage.

Yeh. We live in Winter. Just us. Nobody else. There is a reason I was thinking that we had far more snow than I was seeing while driving over the mountain. BECAUSE ITS ALL IN OUR YARD. We have 4 acres. All 4 acres are covered in snow. That's when I remembered that this happens every spring. The county thaws out and melts off and we just cling to winter's snowy ways because.....  Who knows why. My parents, just across the road, they have a brownish green yard and we're still sporting drifts. If you want to argue that we're on the side of the road that doesn't see as much sun, the neighbor just up the road from us has greenish patches in their yard as well. We're in the middle of a 4 acre field. You can't say we live in the woods that insulates us against the sun. This makes no sense. I just know that I look out the front windows at the streaks of muddy grass my parents are sporting, and then look out the back windows at the 3' high drifts we have in the back yard, and I wonder why the heck we live in the Polar Vortex.

We must be special. That's it, right?

I'm just ready for the snow to go away. Sometime before July 22nd.

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