My Morning Coffee Was Wasted

It's been a crazy week here. I say that a lot, and have realized that our lives are not boring. Some days, as I sip my morning coffee and try to become coherent, I dream of a boring day. And then I'm smacked in the face with reality. If I didn't have kids or dogs, I'd have boring. But they're what makes life fun, so I guess crazy isn't all bad. I just like less crazy is all. This week is definitely not less crazy.

This week is crazy on crack.

I have been up at night into the wee smalls trying to book flight reservations for dogs, then cancelling them to book car rentals and hotels instead. I have been sewing for the dogs and cleaning up after the dogs and therapizing a puppy. I have dogs that need vet appointments and dogs that have already been to the vet and dogs that should have been to the vet but had to cancel those appointments because flights were cancelled. I'm exhausted. I'm tired of scrubbing the filthy floor because we have too many dogs making too many messes. I'm stressed and stretched too thin. And I can't remember that I make myself coffee to get going in the morning because I haven't had coffee yet.

This morning, after remembering that my Keurig had brewed a while ago, I finally put sugar and creamer in my coffee. Its so sad that a Keurig takes all of about 3 minutes and yet I can't remember that I started a cup by the time it is done. But hey, at least it was cool enough to drink instead of having to wait for it to cool enough to sip without burning my mouth.

And then the two french boys decided that they couldn't share the same breathing space and picked a fight with each other over who got to breathe more air because dogs are just like kids that way. They've been trying to work out who is the top dog ever since Oz arrived, and today was a humdinger of a fight. My first thought was to stick my foot between them but thankfully in my brain-dead, exhausted state I heard something scream from the back of my mind, "Idiot! You'll get bitten!" so I poured a cup of coffee on them instead.

Because I don't scrub floors enough up in here, I had to mop the coffee off the floor. And bath 2 dogs. But hey, it broke up the fight and nobody got hurt. Or burned.

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