Walking Through The Books

Micah has taken an interest in books. Finally. Each kid went through the stage where they paged through preschool book after preschool book, staring at the pictures and making up stories in their imaginative little minds. Or maybe just trying to remember what story I read to them as we sat together on the couch after lunch each day.

I miss those days.

It has taken 10 years (because Micah started while he was 10. I'm aware that he's 11 now) but Micah has finally reached this stage, too. It makes this reader's heart proud to see my kids love books like this. Of course, that love didn't last. One out of four of my kids is an avid reader. The other two have no interest in books whatsoever. And Micah is just learning.

Actually, I take that back. Becky loves books for decorating purposes only. She and Josh, actually, make me twitchy by saying things like, "I'd love a library filled with a ton of books. It would look so cool to arrange them all by color. Books are so fun to decorate with."

Twitch. Twitch.

But leave it to Micah to do things differently than the other kids did. Or anyone else for that matter. Micah won't just sit and look at a page, imagining what's going on or looking at pretty pictures. No. Micah dances Woody on the page, walking him up paths and into houses. Woody makes all books interactive, which is far more fun. This is also why Micah is really into oversized picture books and not story books with pictures.

I love watching that boy play. His imagination never ceases to amaze me.

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