Parts of Today

And for today's bit of "I have a new big boy bed" fun, Micah was up at 4:30 this morning. Perhaps he was too excited to sleep? I was not. I told him to go back to bed when he came into our room to get his iPad, and he did, so I went back to sleep.

That was a mistake.

The boy dumped out his forty dozen golf balls and rolled them all over the bedroom floor. And made himself a sandwich. And read some books. And woke Luke up. That's when we became aware that Micah wasn't asleep, because Luke ratted him out. I did make him lay down again, and he napped from 6:30 to 7:00, but he didn't have a very spectacular day at school. Go figure.

Meanwhile on the dog front, Louie is a typical puppy. That dog has no clue that one should go potty outside. I mean, he knows what a piddle pad is, and isn't altogether dumb in the house breaking thing, but he just has no clue that when you're outside, you need to relieve yourself. He will, however, eat the evidence of going in the house. That's horrible. And also kind of a good thing.

Along those lines, he whines when he can't see me. It's so endearing. Unless it's 5:30AM, or I'm in the sewing room trying to be all productive like. If he was potty trained, I'd take him to the sewing room with me, but I can't have puppy piddle on valuable fabrics. Nor can I keep fabrics off the floor where he'd piddle. I'm preparing for a craft show this weekend and that place looks like a category 5 hurricane just went through. I don't have time to clean and organize. It's all about productivity because I've got mere days left to create, and we procrastinators get so much done when it's coming down to the wire.

I took Louie with me to get the mail today because learning to walk politely on a leash is something every puppy needs work on. Our driveway is long, so it's a great place to practice such things. On the way back, we stopped in at the chicken coop to feed, water, and gather eggs. He was fascinated with those chickens. It was the first time he'd seen them. He was thrilled when I invited him in to the coop with me. And then a chicken walked up to him and he realized that he was the smallest thing in the coop and ran to mama for protection.

French dogs aren't made to herd chickens, that's for sure. Or cattle for that matter, but that's another story, and one I'm not fond of. Those stupid french dogs ran off the other week and I located them when I saw the cattle running in the pasture. Cows don't run unless they're being chased or are chasing something. The cows were chasing my weenie dogs out of their field, because french dogs aren't made to herd cattle either.

French dogs are pretty useless as far as jobs go. It's a good thing they look so darn cute.

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