Summer Isn't What The Boy Had In Mind So Far

When awesome friends come to visit, we take them to the awesome places that we have in our backyard. Yesterday we decided to go to Ohiopyle State Park, where there is gorgeous beauty everywhere you turn. And waterfalls. And a river to play in.

And Becky made the mistake of telling Micah the night before that he was going swimming the next day. You just don't tell the boy things like that if they're not true. I mean, you could definitely swim in the river, but it's not the kind of swimming that Micah wanted to do. He wanted to go to a pool. He was not going to be happy about the river situation. And he wasn't.

At the river, he refused to get in. He stomped and yelled and cried and we generally ignored him because that's what you do when a kid is throwing an all-about-me-tantrum. He asked to eat. He changed back into his street clothes and demanded to eat. I was adamant about the not eating after the demanding of it, so he asked to go to the restroom. I took him. He wanted to eat. I knew he'd be hungry and need a snack, so I said we'd go back to the river and get Luke, then eat. He heard "eat."

Back at the river, he tried rounding up Luke, but Luke had found something black and white under a rock in the river and was determined to get it out. He found a stick to poke with, and that intrigued Micah. He got a stick, too, and followed his brother to the river. Its funny what bonds brothers together. Sticks. Rocks. Throwing things. Poking things. Boy things.

And that was enough to change Micah's mood enough for us to enjoy the rest of the visit to the park. We walked through the wee town and shopped the wee, fun shops. We got some snacks and sat outside to enjoy the sun while we ate. And we went to Cucumber Falls, where Micah even hiked the steep and slippery walk to the bottom without a complaint at all.

We did, however, get him to bed at a better hour last night than we had in a long time. The boy is just exhausted from the awesomeness of summer.

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