The Language Of Micah

I used to wonder how Micah would talk when he started talking. Would he be like a toddler, starting with just a few words and build a vocabulary as he goes? Or would he just spit out whole sentences because his brain can hear and process but just can't say words, so his vocabulary is already amassed?

Turns out, neither option. Because he's Micah.

I think partly because he's lazy and will do whatever takes the least amount of effort, and partly because it's hard for him to make words, but he doesn't make sentences. He just says random words that he's thinking. It's like speaking sign language. He misses all the fillers like "a" and "the" and "and." It's quite interesting. But did you expect anything different from the kid who makes up his own signs and expects us to know what he's saying?

My favorite is when he mumbles. This is like grumbling that the other kids do. If I ask him to, say, feed the cats, he'll ignore me for as long as he can before he knows he has the choice of feeding the cats or be punished and THEN feed the cats. So he stomps or stumbles off (depending on his mood) and mumbles as he goes. "Mom. Cats. No. Mom. Cats. No. Mom. Cats. No." That's his way of saying "Mom is making me feed the cats, but I don't want to. This sucks."

And I love when he tattletales on people, because that's his new favorite thing to do now. He can't wait for daddy to get home from work so he can point an accusing finger at me and say, "Mom hot dog pop no!" He fully expects someone to take his side, too, but it hasn't happened yet. Generally dad will just say, "Mom said you can't go to Sheetz and get a hot dog and pop." So Micah just glares at me, because clearly it's all my fault.

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