The Weekend Veritably Glowed

It seems that the least assuming moments are the most memorable ones, aren't they?

We didn't think we'd be able to get away to a picnic for the extended family this weekend, but on a rare occasion of star alignment things worked in our favor and we were able to go. Granted, it was a short trip because of schedules, but getting away is awesome. 

We enjoy seeing the extended family when we can, and catching up on all the news. We Saturday afternoon talking and laughing and visiting. Slowly, one by one, families packed up and headed home. Our family, however, stayed overnight to visit with Sam's aunt and uncle who were hosting the picnic. Their place is like a mini retreat complete with log home, wooded seclusion, well tended gardens, farm fresh eggs and amazing hospitality. 

Despite the vast amounts of food we grazed upon all day long, a campfire was made after dark and hot dogs and s'mores ingredients emerged. It's funny how a campfire can turn a grown adult into a kid almost instantly, and a hot dog tastes gourmet when cooked over a fire on a stick. And even more amazing is what a glow stick will do.

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