This Was Today

Today was absolutely beautiful. We've had hot weather the past week, and I'm just not a fan of the heat. Especially coupled with high humidity. But today? Today was awesome. The rain cooled things down a bit and quelled the humidity as well. I did yard work, because I could. I mean, I did yard work yesterday, too, in the heat and humidity. I nearly passed out and my vision was incredibly blurred, but that's what happens when your body says, "I don't like heat. The heck are you making me work in this stuff for?" That didn't happen today because today was awesome.

It was so awesome, that I took the puppies outside to play for the very first time in their lives. They loved it. And then fell asleep.

Aren't they the cutest when they sleep? The answer is yes.

While the babies were sleeping, I was mulching the gardens. The dogs are my constant companions everywhere I go, and Louie was right at my heels most of the time. Of course. Because that's his self-appointed place in life. I almost ran over him with the yard cart a few times because he is annoyingly in the way. I mean endearingly. He's endearingly in the way. That's what I meant to say. He also tried his hand at being a Water Hound in a rare moment of separation from mama.

There is nothing like working outdoors to make you appreciate life. Something about the fresh air and hard work make me happy. Very happy. And this does, too.

Freshly mulched gardens, and a pack of french dogs playing. That is what french dogs do. I honestly don't mind having 4 dogs in the house because they travel mostly as one, wrestling and playing as they go. There is no snarling or yapping or noise, just happy dogs wrestling. French dogs are awesomely weird that way. But oh, so very fun.

So that was today. What's even better is that tomorrow looks like it may be a lot of the same. I love life.

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