I've been emotional lately, and I hate that. I prefer when my emotions are buried deeply and I'm just practical about matters rather than weepy over them. In short, I'm glad I'm more like a man than a woman most days. But the last few days I've been very in touch with my emotionally dramatic side. It hasn't been fun.

Life moves on and on and on. This saddens me when I'm emotional. Micah will be entering 6th grade in just a few weeks. Luke will be in 8th grade. Josh will be a junior. And those are the only 3 kids we have left in school. The kids are growing up, and there is talk of moving on. And moving out. I'm not quite ready for that, but there's little I can (or will) do about it because that's the way life is. Something would be wrong indeed if the kids actually wanted to stay here forever the rest of their lives. I'm proud of them for growing up and becoming such amazing young men and women, but the emotional mom side of me is protesting loudly that they're not babies anymore.

Some news I've heard lately has not been fun. Bodies deteriorate, friends and family are torn apart due to divorce or moving thousands of miles away, and while sometimes the moves are very happy there is much sadness along with the departure. Emotional me feels this so strongly that I want to cry on behalf of those I barely know. Life is hard, even when things go right.

But life moves on and on. Seasons change, even if I'm not ready for summer to end yet. School starts in a few weeks. I am definitely not ready for this. I am not ready for my kids to leave me for hours a day and I'm not ready to do the school thing yet. 

I was in a Yankee Candle store today and saw the pumpkin and fall leaves scented candles. Despite the face that I am not ready for summer to be over, I do love autumn. I love the cool evenings and the fact that it gets dark earlier so we can enjoy bonfires before a school bedtime. I love wood smoke hanging in the air. I love the colors and scents of fall around me. And the rich textures match the hues of the world. The fall season is what brings me around to the fact that school is imminent. I can look forward to the next season in life because of the next season on the calendar.

But really? Already? Life just moves on.

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