Idlewild Park

We took the kids to the local amusement park last week. Micah loves this place immensely, but then again he loves amusement rides, so he's really easy to please. He was at the county fair twice last week as well and loved every ride he was on. Which was pretty much every ride. The awesome thing about amusement parks is that Micah rides all the big things, so the older kids don't have to worry about spending time at the kiddie rides all day.

Micah was not so happy that I was taking photos of him, until Becky showed him how to be cool while having his picture taken. Awesome Big Sister Award, right there.

Micah was thrilled to find Barney at the park, and ran right up to the stage to say hi, but that's where it ended and that's all the closer he got. Barney wanted to share a hug but Micah was having none of that. Costumed characters are best appreciated from a distance, according to Micah.

Teens doing what teens do best: a carousel selfie with a brotherly photo bomb. Epic.

My crew waiting for a roller coaster to arrive. I love these guys.

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