On The First Day of School

On the first day of 6th grade, Micah was shockingly compliant. He put up the obligatory fuss when I woke him and said it was a school day, and then he tried going back to bed, but he soon changed into his brand new shorts, made sure his lunch was packed to his standards, and happily ran out the door.

Who is this kid?

I was called in to sub today, which has to be a record somewhere; a sub needed the first day of school because the new hire quit before starting. I was on recess duty when Micah come out, and he pulled off the cool I'm-a-6th-grader-now "Hi, Mom" thing without being all "MOM! MOM! HI, MOM! MOM, I SEE YOU!"

My baby. He's not so much that anymore.

My newly minted 8th grader, however, was almost excited about going back to school and seeing friends again. He was not happy about having to get up early, however. Yup. He's a teenager.

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