Two hours south of our condo here at the beach is a fun city called Charleston. It was our destination today. I love historic cities.

I also love being able to try local foods, and we were recommended a great restaurant today where we got some fun seafood and southern fried chicken. Our waiter was from the Eastern side of our home state of Pennsylvania, and in the spirit of camaraderie, he gave us a complimentary bowl of collard greens to try. Not bad, really, says the Yankee family. The boys cleaned it up after everyone had a taste. Even Sam, who is adamantly opposed to hot greens, voluntarily ate a second bite. I won't tell you that Micah and Luke went all-American and ordered burgers at a fish joint on the dock. Kids. I'll tell you.

These pictures are a sampling of our day.

Luke and Micah at a live oak tree at the battery. Live oaks are gorgeous, especially when draped with spanish moss. An entire park of them is majestic. There are no other words.

All the details are amazing. Details. Everywhere. The homes, the streetlights, the gates, the fountains... It's all just beautiful.

Also beautiful is our family taking a stroll together. I love our family. Being together.

The marshes at the water's edge were so pretty, and I'm not a fan of marshes at all. This was the view where we ate lunch. Go ahead and be jealous. It's okay.

Micah found dessert after lunch. He was satisfied with this large cone and didn't even ask to go inside.

Charleston is well known for its ghost tours. That's why I found this sign so hilarious. I love places with a sense of humor.


Flea said...

Great photos! :) I love the first of the live oak. Our last Florida home was littered with them, huge things. The kids spent a lot of time up in them.

Michelle said...

So wish I would've seen this post come up on my newsfeed! Glad you enjoyed your visit to Chucktown even if we didn't get to meet!