The Meaning of October

Micah lives for the corn maze. It ranks as one of his all time favorite events of the year. Last week wasn't as fun as it could have been, what with the snow and sleet and hail that went on. There was sun, too. It was a meterologically overachieving day. This week, however, was just gorgeous in the county, and Micah got to spend the whole afternoon at the maze. And by "whole afternoon" I mean from opening to closing. He was in Little Boy Corn Maze Loving Heaven.

That's Micah there, showing daddy where to go in the small kids' maze. The maze's theme this year is Frozen, and he was loving all the familiar characters on the stations along the paths.

There was a sponsored hay bale decorating contest at the maze this year, and some of the entries were incredibly creative. This was Micah's favorite. Also featured were Sven and a Mt. Dew can that he was fond of. 

And what corn maze would be complete without a hay wagon ride? Not this one, that's for sure. Micah took his ride (or three) around the fields on the wagon.

Despite closing the place down this week, he's already looking forward to enjoying the maze next week. This is what October means to him.

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