The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Their People

Guys, it is November. Next thing you know it'll be 2015 and we'll wonder whatever happened to the holiday season that blew by us in a whirlwind of crazy. So before you get swept away in that whirlwind, I wanted to share some fun finds for the dog and his best friend. Let the holiday shopping begin!

For the Dogs

Every dog loves his food, so a new set of dishes is a great way to start the holiday. While definitely on the spendy side of things, these dishes wouldn't be chewed up or tipped over. And since I am very much in love with concrete home decor, I fell in love with these dishes. They can either be used as they are, or you can drop your dog's existing dish inside it.

These are sold by VerteXdesignstudio on Etsy, and range from $14.95 to $24.95, plus shipping.


Since your best friend loves food so much, treats are also a great gift for the dog. We're always looking for New! Fabulous! Yummy! treats here for the pack, and we're eyeballing these this holiday seasons. Organic and lowfat chicken jerky. The name alone says you can't go wrong with this treat! StacyDoggieBakery on Etsy sells these for $9.99 per 1/2 pound.


Antlers are also on our list of treats this year. They are all natural, non-smelly, and last forever. These are all good things for dogs that are heavy chewers like mine are. You can pick up antlers at a lot of different places, but I love TheBlissfulDog on Etsy for using shed antlers from their elk farm. They sell a 2-pack for $18.


Our dogs are hard on toys, so we're always looking for new things for them to destroy. We purchased a Moo Tug this year and I can highly recommend it for your dog, too. Being a dairy farmer's daughter, I fully appreciated the recycling of the milker inflation tube into a toy. I also love that Moo Tugs sell at wholesale to rescue organizations or shelters. Retail is $14.50 plus shipping.


If you're looking for a new place for Fido to sleep, and you're good with the DIY, this bed can be customized to fit your decor. We made one for our dogs, and I love that it multitasks, too. Ours doubles as Micah's play table. We scored an end table at Salvation Army for $5, and followed these simple directions to re-make it into something the dogs could use.


One of those is NOT a magazine photo. Shocking, I know.


If you want to purchase a pillow for inside your dog bed, I found one that I'm kind of in love with on Etsy. The shop name Furlap is hilarious, and you can get your dog's breed as well as his name on here. There are other options available in their store as well. This particular pillow ranges from $45 to $85, depending on the size. 


A fun holiday collar is always a good choice to help your dog feel more festive. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I have a shop on Etsy that specializes in coats and collars for your 4-legged BFF. Collars range from $16-22, depending on size. DarlaJanes has a wide variety of collar styles to choose from.


To go with that collar, an ID tag is essential. We love these super hero options from IHeartPets on Etsy. They range from $13-16, depending on size, and the back are fully customizable, of course, with your pet's pertinent information.


One of the best finds we discovered this year are the ID tag holders. Washing your dog's collar or changing it for the holidays is such a drag when you have to take off the tags all the time. This invention clips onto the collar, so removing tags is a breeze. MariellaCouture offers a wide range of colors to choose from, and they're priced at $3.70 plus shipping. 


You'll want to add this to your dog's collar as well. The GPS tracker clips right onto the collar so that you always  know where your dog is. If you plan to vacation with your pet, it's nearly a must. Even the most vigilant owners have a dog that escapes on occasion. It's an investment at $99.95, but the peace of mind it'll bring will be worth every penny. This one is found on Amazon


If you are the outdoors type, or travel with your dog a lot, this would be a great item to add to your holiday list. The collapsible bowl is waterproof, so you can give your dog a drink on long car trips. It collapses and zips flat for easy storage and carrying. We love ours! It sells on Amazon for $7.15.

Our favorite brush is the Zoom Groom, also known by many other names depending where you purchase one. Ours came from Walmart. This one is found on Amazon and sells for $7.19. We've used this on corgis and french bulldogs with great success. It removes the undercoat of the corgi that sheds out in spring and fall, as well as loose hair from the shorter-haired breeds. The added benefit of a massage while brushing seems to be appreciated by all the dogs. 


For the People

Reusable shopping bags are great things to have. I love these recycled dog food bags that have been repurposed into totes. Since they originally held 50 pounds worth of dog food, you know they're hefty enough to hold whatever you put into them. This one is on Etsy at WheresMyBag and sells for $10.


For my Starbucks addiction, I'm very much loving this neoprene drink insulator. If someone wants to put this in my stocking this year, I won't complain one bit. This is a fun Amazon find for $7.99.


When I'm not enjoying a Starbucks drink, I'd love this mug for at-home use. It has a frenchie AND he's drinking a Starbucks! PinkMugNY has many different breeds and designs, and they're all adorable. This one sells for $13.50.


Candy is always a great gift option. It's the equivalent of dog treats, only for people. These Peanut Butter Pups would make anyone smile on Christmas morning. Sold at Gearhart's Fine Chocolates for $22.


These ornaments make me just want to wag my tail. MissHelenEous makes these, and other breeds, on Etsy. These sell for $13.13. I'd probably clip mine onto my purse to decorate it a bit for the holidays.


This lamp is the best thing I've seen in a long time. It's a bit too expensive for me to invest in, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over it. WowAwesomeStuff on Etsy sells this for $89.


The last item on my list is one that I'd share with everyone. Doggie gift tags are adorable, no? CardsGaloreUK sells these as a pack of 6 for $3.20.

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