Happy Birthday to our New 14 Year Old!

December 6, 2014

This handsome young man turns 14 today. It seems fairly impossible that he can be this old already.

He loves Batman, and Calvin and Hobbes, and super hero movies, and the Discovery Channel. He makes some amazing artwork with various mediums and is an avid reader. He's a hard worker, keeping up with the older boys on an all-day wood cutting job. He's the chicken whisperer, and the dog lover. And despite being Micah's arch nemesis, he's the best big brother ever. For all he puts up with at the hands of his younger brother, his patience is commendable, and his protection and advocacy are unparalleled. 

We're ridiculously proud of you, Luke, because you are exactly how God made you to be, and you're rocking it without trying to be someone else.

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