Holiday Break

Micah has his follow up appointment tomorrow with the ENT to see how his ears are doing after the insertion of his latest and greatest set of tubes. This appointment is at 8am. Sometimes I really wonder at myself when it comes to scheduling things. I mean, the boy will not be going to school on the bus with an appointment that early, so why not make it just late enough to sleep in a bit before heading into town? That would make more sense. Clearly, sense is something that I lack.


Micah's teachers write a re-cap of his day in his daily planner. I appreciate this, as it helps me know what goes on at school. Being that he's non-verbal, it's not like he's going to tell me that tomorrow is gym day and he needs to wear sneakers, or that he was defiant and got sat in time out. Of course, he probably wouldn't tell me that last bit even if he could talk. He'd most likely say things were good if I asked him how school was, because that's how kids roll. I do like knowing about his day, and I love that the teachers do me this favor.

Today, Micah's planner ratted him out. He had a bad day. He was in trouble for all sorts of defiant behavior, and laid down on the floor and ignored all requests to get up and do his work. I know what this means. This means that he's either very tired or very not feeling well. I had a killer cold hit me over the weekend, and yesterday in particular felt like I just wanted to curl up on the floor and defy the world. If that's how he felt today, I really can't blame him for just acting on that impulse. The alternative of hurting someone because of your misery is never acceptable. While laying down on the floor isn't so much either, it's clearly the better alternative of the two.

However, he seems just fine this evening, now that I think about it. He's probably just tired. I rock this thing called parenting. *sigh*

I have made the decision that since Micah will have a doctor's excuse to be out of school tomorrow, I'll just keep him home and he can have a "mental health" day. That's legit, right? Even if it's not, it's going to happen. The boy and I will get up, go visit the ENT, then come home and bake some cookies, because that's the kind of day December 16th is looking like from the evening of the 15th.

May your day be just as merry as ours will be. And may you refrain from lying down on the floor and defying the world.

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