All The Random

You know you love your job when you would rather just keep working than go in search of food when you're hungry. Or you lay awake at night thinking of all the fun things that you still want to create if you have extra time after orders are filled. I love sewing for the dogs and kids of the world. It does have it's drawbacks, though.

I can't seem to find balance. Either I sew all day, or I manage to get housework done. I'm grateful that the dogs have stopped shedding like it was a mission to expel every hair they had in one month's time. That helps with the sweeping.

I'm grateful, too, that the dogs are in the sewing room with me. Dogs are so highly entertaining. I pity people that can't take their dogs to work with them. Work must be incredibly unfun at those places.

I do tend to do a lot of silly and stupid things when I'm gripped by the muse and spend days on end in the studio. I get all sorts of grandiose dreams, and then act on them. The things I volunteered to head up this week also make me lay awake at night wondering how on earth I'm going to accomplish what it is I now need to accomplish.

My floors are now clean. Orders were caught up completely and then more orders came in, and that's wonderful. Puppies are clean and well fed, as are the kids. We are out of bread, though, and have been for 2 days. I can't keep up with everything, and don't even pretend to try anymore. It's a sanity saver.

I also don't have the Christmas trees put away. The decor has been boxed and stored, but the trees are twinkling merrily into January evenings, because I like them. It helps with the always-random that I've got going on here, you know?

At some point, I'll figure out how to do life and balance all the things. Until then, life will be random and I'll teeter on the brink of sanity. But I'm surrounded by the dogs and a happy family. Life is good. And God is so much better.

This photo is random, also. Louie likes to excavate on his free time.

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