The Beauty of Winter

The ginormous blizzard that was predicted arrived this week. Like most much-announced and highly-panicked blizzards, it was a non-event. Take today for instance. The school let out early because of the weather that was coming in. It's 10:30 at night and I just now hear the wind start to pick up a bit. Otherwise, it was a gorgeous winter day out there, all afternoon and evening.

Nobody is perfect, and I'm not saying they made a mistake. I'm just saying that I fail to panic over weather, because it happens whether I have plans or not. If I have an appointment in town, I go, even in a blizzard. If I need milk during a blizzard, I'll go get milk.

We actually do need milk. Again. The boys just informed me of this earlier this evening. I swear we bought milk like 2 days ago. Two gallons of it. Perhaps the gallon had a hole in and leaked out on the way home? Good grief.

So anyway... the snow. It's here, finally. Winter took a while to show up in the Laurel Highlands, and nobody complained about that except perhaps the skiers, and those who work at the resort and depend on snow for a living. The snow, however, is gorgeous. It is the kind that sticks to everything, and then just keeps piling up, until each tree branch and everything else is covered in white. Yesterday the sun came out, and shone like gold on that in the morning sunrise. Today it was painted pink. Winter is so pretty.

We went to the mall yesterday, Becky and I, and on the way home we were just amazed all over again at how pretty our area is. The mountain that we live on was sporting a snow cap like a mini wanna-be Rocky mountain. I laughed at the thought of that. As we drove up that mountain, the snow clinging to every single surface was almost unreal.

Ignore the craptacular phone photo of the high speed blur, and focus on the fact that those are pine trees, covered in marshmallow fluff. Or snow. Either one.

Beautiful, Simply beautiful. And the blue sky just sets it off even more so. I should probably have taken my Canon for a tour of the county yesterday, but I failed at that, and instead of doing that very thing today I headed to the sweat shop, er, basement, to get some much needed candle-making and sewing done.

But the wind is howling outside and there are promises of more snow on the way. Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps I can go photograph beauty then.

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