So Random. Like My Life.

It's been a wild ride here lately. Can it be that just a week ago Micah had his teeth out? It seems like a month has passed. So much has happened. Awesome stuff, too, which is always good. This week, at some point, I hope to have some news to share along those lines. In the meantime, there are things like business meetings and sewing to do and the house that always needs cleaned.

I have a goal for life. Finally. I am 44 years old and have figured out what, exactly, it is that I want when I grow up. I want to make enough money to be able to pay for house cleaning services. Is that a worthy goal? Do I care? The answer is no, I don't care what the general public thinks. It's my life's ambition.

I did, however, get the Christmas things put away today, so there's that. I've been so very, very busy with so many things that my trees were just sitting there being all green and pretty. But today they're safely stored in the attic for another year. There's that.

And Luke finally figured out why the chickens weren't laying many eggs. Pardon the pun, he said, but the chickens were chicken. They wouldn't come outside in the snow to get water. Some would, but not all of them. Bless that boy, he spent an hour pick axing icy snow from the chicken yard for them to roam in. We're getting lots of eggs now. That boy is quite the chicken whisperer.

Perhaps this week won't be quite as crazy. Or if it is, maybe I'll be able to make time to bath the dogs or take a walk somewhere or just sit. I'm not sure I sat last week without working while doing so. Sitting could be another goal for life, right? But don't think I'm complaining, because I'm not. It's been the best kind of crazy busy that you can even imagine.

Here's to this week, and all that it has to bring us. Starting with taking Luke to the doctor to be sure he's just got a cold where he's totally exhausted all the time and doesn't actually have the flu.

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