This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I opened the glove box in the car the other day. First of all, where did Micah get a Sharpie in the car? And also, why do kids always write their name when they make graffiti art?

On the plus side, this is a milestone. Parents of typically developing kids have no idea that this is a milestone, and it's certainly one they'd never celebrate. But us super-weird parents of kids with disabilities? We celebrate all kinds of things, like graffiti in the car's glove box. The fact that Micah is writing voluntarily is huge. That boy is more creative than most I've seen in actually getting out of work, and handwriting is the worst for him. High five, my son, for inscribing your name in the car!

And now I'll send someone out to look for the writing instrument so that this doesn't happen in a place that can't just close up and hide the evidence. Sharpie on the dashboard isn't as cute as Sharpie in the glove box.

3 comments: said...

Hey, glove box vs. dash board with a win is all good! Remember the seats!

Karen Deborah said...

Mica in the glove box is cute indeed bet you had a tear in your eye! Love it.

Jenny H said...

Oh my gosh... Max writes all over the place! Usually it's "Sam no" or "Max mom." I have also seen spelling words wrote in weird places.
It's so funny how they usually write their own name! Sam once wrote, "Sam was here!" Haha!!