Wanted: A New BFF

We had these two stray cats that someone gave us, much against Sam's will.

Okay, truth be told, I got the cats while Sam was away, because I knew he wouldn't be happy about them. But what was he going to do once they were here?

So we had these two stray cats that someone gave us, and they lived outside happily for over a year. Late last fall one of them just stopped coming around, and we're unsure whether he was picked up by someone and taken in as a house cat, or if he found a better brand of cat food on someone else's door step and now lives in their garage, or if he is no longer living. Two stray cats, minus one stray cat, is one stray cat.

Percy is lonely, guys. I feel so bad for the poor cat.

He started the month by apologetically looking into the house as he politely requested his dish be filled. That progressed to walking into the house when the door was open too long as I called the dogs inside. And then he just sat by the door and waited for it to crack open so he could quickly run in and hide under a dining room chair where he was safe from the dogs but could also be near them. He likes the dogs, but sometimes the dogs are idiots and do stupid things like jump at him and bark. He gets frustrated with them, but also likes to rub against them when they stand still.

Percy now sits on the back steps and meows. A lot. I pet him and hold him, and he purrs, but he's just not as content as all that. He partially huddles under a chair in the dining room and tries playfully batting at the dogs as they come see him, but the dogs aren't what he really wants. Percy The Cat needs a friend. He really misses Mackles, who is missing.

Here's the dilemma; it's winter and it's cold. Percy lives outdoors, and we can't (in all good conscience) get an indoor cat and toss it out into the cold to give Percy a new BFF. That would be cruel. We can't do that. We need a cat that already lives outside to just transfer to our home. I've been debating this dilemma for about a week, and finally put a notice on a Facebook page for pets. All the while, I was apprehensive, because in today's day and age people aren't afraid to call you out for being a Really Bad Person for things like Letting Your Cat Live Outside And Not Inside.

You know the irony of this whole situation hasn't escaped me. Nobody can give cats away when they have a litter that was unwanted, but now that I actually want a cat, I can't find one anywhere.  For crying out loud.

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