The Mule At The Dinner Table

Stubborn. That would be the Indian name of Micah, if he had to sport one. He wouldn't choose it for himself, of course, but that's what everyone would call him behind his back. That boy can out-stubborn anyone I know, and seeing as how I've got a pretty wide streak of stubborn growing in me, I know whereof I speak.

Sometimes, just to be contrary, that boy does the exact opposite of what he's been told to do. And sometimes, just to spite everyone around him, he'll not do anything at all.

This evening, we went out for pizza. Even though we told Micah that we were going out for pizza, he decided in him mind that he wanted burger and fries instead. He was pretty mad when that pizza arrived at our table. In fact, he was so mad that he couldn't even tolerate the plate in front of him with a slice of cheesy goodness sitting on it. That plate had to leave.

Dad was super generous and shared his salad with that mulish boy of ours. Three bites in and suddenly Micah decided that pizza was delicious. Not that he doesn't like salad, because he does, but because he realized that this was world class pizza and he was missing out. Changing his mind is also something he's completely entitled to.

After pizza, we had some wings. Micah always needs to try whatever is on the table, because if someone eats something that he didn't get a chance to try, the world will implode. Except Micah isn't so great with things that have bones. He just doesn't get that you can't bite off a piece, but instead have to bite around something. Dad painstakingly removed the meat from a wing for Micah to eat, and while Micah was grateful for the act of kindness, he was also mad that he couldn't eat a wing like everyone else.

It's hard being the kid who can't be normal.

To show everyone that he really could eat bones, he did just that. Kind of. He smoked a chicken bone as his after-dinner course. Because he could.

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