The Nighttime Problems

Micah has this thing where he gets up in the middle of the night and plays. It's not a good thing. One never knows how long he's been up when one discovers this. We just know that getting him up for school some mornings is a real chore because he spent time doing things other than sleeping in the overnight hours.

Honestly. I value my sleep. I wish I could sleep a full night through without waking up and tossing and turning and hot sweats and restroom breaks and CANIJUSTSLEEP?! Why can't we trade, Micah and I?

The night before Micah's birthday, I tucked him into bed and told him, "You'll sleep right through turning.... I sure HOPE you sleep right through turning 12." He was born at 6:06 AM, so there's no telling what that boy could be doing at that time on his actual birthday.

Turns out, he was sleeping. But that's only because Luke was awakened at 5-something AM by Micah who was playing with golf balls, Matchbox cars and Woody on the floor of their shared bedroom. Who knows how long that boy was up. It's a ridiculous habit that he has.

I had a hard time waking the birthday boy for school the next morning, but at least I ad the excitement of "you get to take treats to school to share!" on my side as well as, "it's hat day at school!"

He was actually more excited that he got to wear a hat at school than he was about his birthday. I'll be excited when we figure out how to keep him in bed, sleeping, all night long.

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