Yes, Spring has finally arrived. The weather has been so very nice. I opened a window this morning and aired out the bedroom all day. This evening, it smells of fresh outdoors as I snuggle under the covers. I love this.

After working all day getting candle, collar and shirt orders filled, I took the younger two boys to the bike trail to enjoy the great outdoors. Micah was thrilled to have the opportunity to ride his bike. He loves that thing.

Except he gets really tired of pedaling, and then expects us to push him. We did not, so instead Luke and I worked on perfecting Keeping Your Bicycle Upright While Not Really Pedaling And Trying To Coast On A 2% Uphill Grade. It was grueling, and probably far more work than if we'd actually biked.

Mental note: if I want to get some exercise, taking Micah along is not going to be in my best interest.

Also noted: I intended to get some exercise this evening, but quickly decided that if I was going to keep my sanity, I'd just have to turn the time into an adventure.

We stopped to let Micah toss rocks at the river. Mostly because he couldn't actually throw them far enough to get them into the river. Luke wasn't much more successful. He did, however, manage to hit nearly every tree between the trail and the river with a tiny pebble, and that's an accomplishment. 

We stopped at the waterfall to let Micah throw rocks into the water. That boy loves throwing rocks into water. He'll look for any excuse to do it, and if he can also stop while biking, it's a huge bonus.

After the longest 1/2 mile ride in the history of ever, (seriously, it took about 45 minutes) we finally loaded up and came home. I grilled dinner, because Spring has finally arrived in Somerset County, and after spending a day working at the things I love to do indoors, I needed some outdoor time.

Now if only I could find time to clean up the gardens...

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