There is always something you forget when you pack to go away. Today's Oops, I Forgot was not a something, but more like a few somethings.

1. Allergy Meds
2. My Glasses
3. Pencils

In my defense, I got Micah's entire pencil case out of his bookbag and set on the counter beside my bag. Micah didn't want to take the chance that I'd make him do school work, so he put that pencil case right back in his school bag when I turned my back, and then I forgot all about it until I got to the hotel and was all, "didn't I pack pencils? I thought I did. Where are the pencils that I know I packed?" Sam had to fill me in on the behind the scenes.

Why do I need pencils? Good question. I mean, in all fairness, I do carry a pen in my purse like any prepared lady does. I am assigning spaces for a craft festival, and it's a trial-and-error kind of thing, with erasures happening, until I get things finalized. That trusty pen just won't cut it.

Yes, I take work with me when I go away. This isn't a relaxing vacation, for crying out loud. I'm going to need something to entertain myself while Micah has surgery tomorrow. Plus I have work that needs done and taking a day and a half out of my schedule isn't going to get that work done unless that work comes with me. So I need a pencil. Thank goodness Giant Eagle (the local grocery store chain) supplied me with mechanical pencils AND allergy meds.

Breathing is good. Very good.

The glasses, however, are just sitting at home without me. That's not good, because the allergy thing makes my eyes blurred and dry, and dry makes them even more blurred. It's an endless cycle of suck, really. But hey, what do I really need to see, besides the work that I brought with me?

The work is a distraction, really. I make up all kinds of excuses for why it's here, but in reality I need a distraction at the hotel so I don't contemplate all the ways things could go wrong with the simple and easy procedure tomorrow. Ear tubes are old hat to us, but this is a brand new hospital for us. We know what works for Micah and what doesn't, and mostly what doesn't are things that hospitals tell us aren't negotiable terms. In reality, it's because nobody can think outside boxes, because sometimes exceptions are made anyway and things go as smoothly as they should. I fear, however, that a new hospital won't listen to us, Micah's parents. I fear a confrontation or five. I fear longer recovery for Micah with much frustration for him and us.

I'm currently medicated, have pencils in hand, and am working hard at being distracted.

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