Pre-Easter Outdoor Special

I think Spring may have finally come to Somerset County. It's April, so that's safe to say, right? I mean, we'll probably have snow again, and we'll definitely have frost for a good month yet, but it's Spring, and today was a gorgeously Spring-like day. We drove to Ohiopyle to celebrate the day.

We love Ohiopyle. Apparently a lot of other people do as well. The place was fairly crawling with visitors. I love this. I love that so many others reconnect with nature any chance they can. I love that we live in a tourist area, and have so much phenomenal natural beauty that everyone wants to see it. I love that our area's economy is so boosted by the tourism as well. But sometimes I do not love that I have to share my favorite things with so many others. I sometimes tend to think that these are MY things, and get stabby when I can't see the waterfalls because herds of tourists are blocking my view with photo session after photo session of "okay, now you stand there while I take YOUR picture...", thus not enabling me to get any photos.

Not that I'm lacking photos of the nature around me. But still.

I loved the man who was walking with his dog. There were a lot of dogs there, because there's something about the place that encourages tourists to bring tehir dogs to enjoy the river as well. We took Louie. It's a thing. But we encountered this man a few miles from the river, along the road on the way home, simply walking with his dog and his ginormous backpack. They were miles from a house, and had miles to go to the river, and took the time to stop at the overlook and enjoy the view before continuing on their unhurried way. It wasn't an exercise thing, based on his clothing. It was just a man and his dog, walking, because that's how they enjoy the phenomenal Spring-like weather.

The day before Easter, 2015. It's just a gorgeous day. I hope you were able to enjoy the outdoors.

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