There Was That Conversation

I've had a gold card at Starbucks for a long time. Years. Many of them. I frequent the place often enough that I renew my gold status in the first month of each year. I love that place. Last fall, however, both the budget and the diet told me that I needed to cut back on my consumption of the liquid goodness that I love so much. I'm sure my local baristas thought that I'd died. I made one purchase in early December, got 2 free drinks in January, and made one purchase on Super Bowl Sunday in February. This month I think I splurged and purchased 3 drinks, but I do need to cut back again. Both the budget and the diet are demanding it. Again.

It's not you, Starbucks. It's definitely me. And I'm sorry.

It has been so long since I've been at Starbucks on a regular basis that some of the clientele has changed. The new barista waited on me at the drive-through this evening as we pulled up in the mini van. Becky and I were in the front seat, Josh and Quincey in the middle, and Luke and Micah were in the back. With the tinted windows, I'm sure it was hard to see the little boys in the back, and while I call them "little," they're 12 and 14 and none too tiny anymore. Really, I guess, it looked like a van full of teens. Except me, chauffeuring them around.


Me: Is that your motorcycle? (Because he was the only guy working, and I'm good at assuming kind of obvious things.)

Barista: Yeh. I drove here in rain, snow and sleet earlier today.

Me: That sucks. When are you off?

Barista: Not soon enough! But in about a half hour.

Me: At least it's sunny now, and you should get home before dark.

Barista: Well, I live an hour away, so anything can happen on the drive home.

Me: That's true. I'm sorry. That's quite a commute.

Barista: It is a commute. So what are you doing this evening? Going clubbing?

Me: Ummmm, we're going to church.

Barista: Or that. Church club. Same thing.

Me: Totally. We're actually leaders in the kids' club at church.

Barista: Well, have a good evening.

Me: Thanks, you too!

So we've been laughing about this all evening, because who on earth goes clubbing at 6:00 on a Wednesday evening, driving a mini van? Or should I just be flattered that I was obviously lumped into a group of teens/early 20's out for a good time, and didn't stick out like the designated driver/mom? Or perhaps I did....

Either way. It's kind of hilarious.

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