I Miss My Outdoors

For all the days that I've been indoors since February, working at the school, there was today that made up for a lot of the indoor time. Today was Field Trip Day, and the second grade went to a state park. I love me some state parks. A whole lot. They're full of nature and all the things that I love the most.

It was supposed to be a hot day, and wasn't so much, but that just means nobody was sweaty and stanky on the bus ride home. It was, however, perfect for hiking. So we did. And the scenery was simply stellar. Of all the state parks I've been at, this is, perhaps, the prettiest ever. Mostly because the whole thing is man made, so the landscaping is phenomenal. It's unusual for a state park to be man made, I know, but this one is. And that doesn't diminish the amazingness of it in the least.

Today I got to spend most of the day outdoors, and while I didn't get to garden or play with the dogs, I did get to walk in nature, and it was simply fabulous. Still, I'm counting down the days until summer is here, because then every day can be spent outside and I won't have to hoard all the spare minutes I can find to see the sunlight. It's definitely time for school to let out. Warm fires on the patio, crickets singing the evening hours away, fireflies glowing, and kids and dogs all gathered for the evening.... I'm so ready.

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