Hi, I'm Captain Obvious

Micah's speech has become so much better recently. More and more often, strangers (or anyone who doesn't live with him) can understand a few words that he's saying. It's so very nice to hear him talk. Now everyone knows that he wants hot dogs and pop. And everyone understands that he's asking for mom. And if you're close with him and know the things in his world, you'd also be able to pick up the dogs' names, but only Margo and Louie, because Jill just is a tough one for him. Weird, I know.

Side note: It's darling to hear him call the dogs. "Woo-wee and Woah-woah" are both good boys in Micah's world. All dogs are good boys, for the record, regardless of gender. That, too, is hilarious. I never get tired of hearing him tell Margo or Jill that they're good boys, or "boooooy," as he says it.

Something that has become obvious with his new found speech is the fact that Micah is Captain Obvious.

Scenario: Becky has been at work most of the day. When she comes home, her and I are catching up with each other with a good old fashioned gab session. Micah walks in the room, sees Becky (talked to me) and says, "Mom! Becky home!"

This scenario plays out in so many similar situations all day long. Micah doesn't miss a thing, either. He knows when dad is home, or Josh is home, or Quincey is home. He announces this to everyone, sometimes even the person he's talking about.

"Becky home," he'll tell Becky as she walks in the door.

Captain Obvious also likes to tell people what he ate, because the two most important things in his life are food and family. (Aren't those the two most important things in everyone's life?) After announcing that someone just walked in the door, he'll proceed to tell that person what he ate.

"Becky, hot dog pop. Mom." (Translation: Becky, mom got me a hot dog and pop at Sheetz.) He'll repeat this a bazillionty times until he's acknowledged. As in, "Mom got you hot dog and pop at Sheetz?" And that is met with a resounding yes. Or, "yesh!" as he says. And we love his yesh. It's the cutest.

Even at the age of 12, we kind of love that Micah has some adorably incorrect words that he needs to work on. Like all of them.

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