Life's Daily Routine

If you have kids in the house, things will happen, like the watermelon being placed on the very edge of the refrigerator shelf.

If the watermelon is placed on the edge of the shelf, it'll fall on the floor when the refrigerator door is opened.

The mess will need cleaned up, so you go to the laundry room to get the mop.

When you're in the laundry room, you'll see that laundry needs shuffled.

You'll carry a load of clean laundry to the couch to fold, and see the mess in the living room.

You'll clean up the living room, come to the kitchen, and realize the floor still needs mopped.

You'll go to the laundry room to get the mop, and see that you're out of laundry soap.

You'll walk to the kitchen to throw away the empty soap bottle, and see that the dog dishes next to the trash are empty.

You'll refill the dog dishes, and realize that the floor needs swept when you set them down.

You'll walk to the laundry room to get the broom, and realize that you never did get the mop.

At least now you'll sweep first.


Preppy Mountain Farmer said...

This is great, and I can definitely relate. You need to make a picture book of this post.

Roger Miller said...

It's like giving a Moose a Muffin, in real life. :)