Louie Louie

Micah's art class worked on a project for most of the spring, it seemed, and it didn't come home until the last day of school. Micah had to draw 4 different pictures, and let me tell you, that was quite the struggle. I think the problem may have been an abstract "draw whatever you want," because things like that confuse him. He needs more concrete things like, "draw a box." After a day and a half of procrastination and many tears, I finally said, "draw a chicken." And he did. I said, "draw some eggs." And he did. I also asked him to draw Louie and Luke. He obliged. And then just like that, the struggle was over.

Sometimes I have light bulb moments that really help situations, and other times I'm all, "why on earth won't he just do what he's told??"

After they drew pictures, they were to choose just one, and then they took the rest of their art classes and made a mask of that picture. Micah chose Louie's portrait. I had to send in a photo of Louie so that Micah could color it accordingly, so I had a heads' up on what he chose.

How hilarious would it have been had he chosen any of the others? An egg? Luke's face on a mask? Louie, however, is cute enough. See?

Micah and Louie. Or Louie and Louie. However you want to look at it.

So then would this be Louie Squared? Louie Louie?

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