The Best Wake-Up Call Ever

Micah loves to swim. The boy is a little fish wannabe, I think. Water is just his happy place. Well, that and swinging. He loves to swing, too. But he loves swimming more.

Every time we tell him he's going somewhere, he packs his swim trunks. Even if he goes to stay at grandma's house for the night, he'll toss in a pair. Note: grandma does not have a pool. Micah just wants to be prepared in the event that grandma decides, on a whim, to just set up an in-ground with a twisty slide in her postage stamp sized yard. The poor child has not gotten to swim much this year yet. It's just been one of those summers.

Part of being "one of those summers" is the fact that I've been at markets nearly every weekend, selling our candles and dog collars. I rather enjoy the markets, and meeting people, and all that, but it's not been completely wonderful in the family-time department. My market this weekend is 2 hours from home in the great state of MD. Sam decided to pack up the 2 younger boys and join me this time for a kind of get-away. You do what you have to sometimes, you know?

The hotel we reserved has an indoor pool. I knew this would make Micah's entire summer.

I woke him at 6:00 this morning so that we could get on the road. He had zero clue things were happening, because these plans were made after he went to bed last night. We are last minute rollers like that. So at 6:00 in the AM, I poked the beast, who normally takes a good 5 minutes of poking before he'll crack en eye at you to give you the "go away" glare. (Ironic, from the same child who can be found up at 4:00 in the AM playing with golf balls or Woody. Although perhaps that's why he's hard to wake in the morning.)

Today, I had a better tactic. I poked him by patting his back and saying, "Micah, get up. We're going swimming today." That boy went from dead sleep to sitting straight up  with glee. It was about 30 seconds after this fact that he opened his eyes and became coherent enough to fuss about being awakened at 6:00 in the AM.

It was really the funniest thing in the history of our summer. It's too bad I didn't video that.

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M. K. Clinton said...

I hope that he was able to swim today! Swinging is one of my very favorite things to do!