The Miraculous Hair Cut

Micah has not been a fan of getting hair cuts most of his life. It ranged anywhere from mildly fussing to wildly thrashing (and major props to the hair dresser for not cutting him with anything sharp during this ordeal), and was very unpleasant for all involved.

Recently, he's been far more compliant. Not only does he now sit for hair cuts, he sometimes asks for one. This kind of turnaround is groundbreaking, and appreciated.

While Micah was at the salon over summer, he asked to be shaved so that he looked like Woody. We questioned repeatedly, to be sure, because you can't put hair back if it's too short. He was adamant. He wanted shaved. And then he beamed with pride afterward, telling everyone he saw that he had a haircut like Woody. He was crazy proud of that haircut. He asked for it to be shaved several times over the past few months, because any regrowth was apparently too much regrowth. He loved being like his best friend.

Recently, he's started watching Peter Pan. He acts out all sorts of scenes from the movie, having a great time fighting and sword playing with himself, and making Woody and Buzz act it out as well. It was several days into it before he told me that he was Captain Hook instead of Peter Pan. Fair enough; he wears fancy clothes. Micah loves those fancy clothes.

One evening, Micah asked for a haircut. I realized that he did have a bit of growth from Halloween (when he had his last Woody shave), and said as much. No, he wanted long hair, like Captain Hook has. He wanted a hair cut, to have long hair.

I'm just grateful that squirrels can still distract the boy. We avoided the subject, talked about other things, brought up the fact that school was tomorrow and a shower before bed was needed, and he kinda sorta forgot about the haircut. He did suggest it at one point before the shower, and we mumbled something about "tomorrow" or "another day" or "later" and he happily went to shower. We prayed that he'd forget about the hair "cut" the next day.

Gratefully, he did.

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