Being a Pawrent Rocks

We all know that I live in a weird world filled with dogs. It's pretty amazing here, and populated with great people. Dog people generally are.

In this world, dogs tend to come first. A lot of us are in the same situation as myself; the dogs are what make us who we are. We're all dog focused, and at events that we attend, with the dogs of course, we greet dogs first and their pawrents second. (Yes, that's what we call ourselves, because it's who we are.) Our dogs are far more well known than we are. We're just the dog mom at the end of the leash. 

It's much like being a mom to kids; you become known as Johnny's Mom and lose your own identity altogether. You are never called by your first name again until your children are grown. Sometimes, you almost forget what your first name is. It's not Mom, or Johnny's Mom or MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM. It's not NO, either. It's something you'd stay up at night trying to remember, if you weren't so exhausted from parenting the kidlets that have hidden your name in their identity. 

Thankfully, being a pawrent is easier in this respect than being a parent is. Mostly, furkids don't keep you up at night, and if they are really having the worst day ever, you can crate them. Laws prohibit crating kids, oddly. Something about abuse and neglect, and the threat of Child Welfare Services... 

Of course, on the flip side, kids don't shed so badly that walking across the room to turn the Roomba on will make your socks furrier than the actual dog is. It's an anomaly that will never be understood. Kids also don't occasionally use the floor as a toilet if it's raining outside. At least not once they're house broken.

Dogs are the center of our world, and we think about our dogs and other people's dogs more than we probably should. It's not a bad thing, just another weird thing that we do. Since we can't pet these dogs from miles or states away, we virtually pet them by visiting their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. (All the cool dogs have social media sites. It's a thing.) We learn all about these dogs' daily lives, what they love, learn their quirky ways, and look forward to the next photo so that we can share more love. The dogs are blissfully unaware of all this, ironically.

The holidays and birthdays are different occasions for the dogs, though. Dogs get fan mail in real life, not just in the internet world. This past Christmas season, Louie received almost as many cards in the mail than the family did. Most have been addressed to him, not me or the family. I love this, and I love each person that has sent him one. I love them a lot. I've also sent a card to their dogs, because that's what you do at the holidays. I'm thinking I should probably up my game, and send treats next year. Dogs would love that!

I'm wondering, too, if I should send Valentine's and Easter treats. Dogs would love that, too. I should probably contact Hallmark about a line of cards addressing the dog. I'm sure they'd be welcomed with much tail wagging by the pawrents who purchase them.

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Karen, love this!