The Christmas Shoe Story You'll Enjoy Hearing About. I Think.

Micah has a pair of slip on shoes, because they're easier for all of us. He can tie shoes, I think. They've been working on that with him at school. I know we should be working on that here at home, but they'll always sell slip on shoes, and they're just easier. Plus, we have a time schedule on school mornings that is down to the second. I let Micah sleep in his school clothes to avoid having to get him up any earlier than needed and struggle with dressing him, and I have slip on shoes to avoid the tying delay. It works for all of us.

We bought him a new pair of shoes for the new school year, and the week before Christmas, he got a hole in the mesh upper part where his big toe rubbed. His aide sent a note home in his planner, pointing this out to me. Good thing we got him a new pair of shoes for Christmas, courtesy of Santa, of course.

On Christmas morning, Micah was pretty excited about his new shoes. He's excited about everything he opens, though. The things that he's less excited about get exclaimed over, then set aside. The shoes were set aside, and eventually shoved under the tree with all the other Christmas morning residue, and there they sat until he went back to school two weeks later.

I reintroduced those shoes to him, and excitedly asked if he wanted to wear them to school. "No!," was the reply. He was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with them, and we know from experience that when he pulls that hard and fast tone, that he's not ever going to wear them. Ever. The zombies can have them when the apocalypse happens, but he will go barefoot through three feet of snow before he lowers himself to put them on.

Thank goodness I only paid $10 for them. 

I was away for a day, and Becky got Micah ready for school. She asked if he wanted to wear his new shoes, not knowing that my request for him to wear them was met with NOPE. He was super excited about the new treads, and proudly wore them to school. For the past 2 weeks, he's been wearing these shoes everywhere, telling everyone he meets that grandma and pap got them for him. 

Win for wearing the new shoes. I threw the old ones away to be sure he didn't regress back to a hole in the toe. I also think I may bill grandparents for the $10, since they're getting so much credit. It's only fair, right?

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Cindy said...

Seriously? Are they the same shoes he got for Christmas? I wonder what caused him to change his mind? Oh well, it doesn't really matter now. Yay for new shoes!