Fall Events

I've been amiss in my blogging lately, and I apologize. Things are so busy here in the fall. Last weekend we hosted a hayride for the church here at our place and had about 50 people join us. The kids absolutely love the hayride, and the adults enjoy themselves quite nicely, too. Then we had a potluck style meal, lit a bonfire to ward off the evening chill and spent the rest of the evening visiting with friends.

Today is my favorite day of the season. Our church does a corn maze to benefit the youth and today is the day set aside just for families with special needs loved ones. These awesome families are invited to walk the maze, play in our new corn pit, pick a pumpkin from our patch, use the pedal go-carts or balloon sling shots, or shoot down the giant slides all for free. We take our ponies in to promote Personal Ponies, Ltd. It's just one more way to share something fun with these kids. (Check out their website! Personal Ponies gives ponies to kids with disabilities for free, because the love of a Shetland is a wonderful thing.) I'm headed in early today to set up the event, and am looking forward to meeting all the wonderful families. I'll share pictures later.

And after this weekend the maze runs every Saturday through October. Things may slow down a bit now that it's actually started but the planning stages the past two months have been all-consuming. Hence the reason there have been no additions to my store lately. Except the Owl-A-Ween shirt. I'm amazed at how quickly those owls fly off my virtual shelves! A big thank you to everyone who's purchased one. And if you haven't yet you'd better hop on board because it's obviously the thing to wear this fall. Who knew?

And in family events I have to report that the poor Baby is doing fine after an attack of yellow jackets yesterday. He got into a nest while playing and it was difficult to rescue him because they kept following us. I just wanted to set him down and brush the bees off but more kept coming. He ended up with 4 stings on his arm, one on his neck, one on his ear and two on his back. After applying baking soda paste I drove in to the hospital to have lunch with Daddy. I figured it was a safe place to be in case he had allergies. It's his first sting, and in bulk like that I didn't want to take any chances. I'm grateful that I got stung also so now I know how he feels, and how to treat him. The sting is gone, but the itch is starting. Time to apply more cream.

And I promised a while back to post pictures of our new spaniels. That has not happened yet and I apologize. Here are our newest family members.





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Michelle said...

sounds like the hayride and corn maze is a blast! We're planning on going to our annual trek to Las Cruces for their corn field maze one of these weekends soon!

sorry about the yellowjackets-wow that is a lot of stings! Glad there was no allergic reaction!