The Tornado Hit

This is why I get nothing done through the day. I took a half hour to get some much needed sewing done (and barely got started) and came down to face this.

And it just kept going!

Apparently he couldn't find a game he could play by himself.

Where are the maids?! It'll take me the better part of the afternoon to get that cleaned up. It isn't like I didn't have other work to do for heaven's sake. And he's quite proud of himself. See?

And as if this wasn't enough, my dryer caught on fire. Actually, my dear husband torched it, so to speak. It's been squeaking horribly lately. As in, people on the other end of the phone are saying "What is going on at your house?" Nothing, just doing laundry. But please speak up, I'm having a hard time hearing you through these ear plugs. So in an effort to reduce the squeak (like metal fingers on a chalk board) my hubbs sprayed lubricant into the back of it, while it was running. Instant fire. We had to unplug it, unload it and carry it outside while it was still flaming. The garden hose did wonders. And amazingly enough the dear hubbs got it put back together and it's now drying clothing without a single squeak. I think it's afraid for it's life. Which is probably shortened considerably at this point. He seriously wants a front load washer to conserve energy. Not that I don't, but our washer is a Maytag and takes on overloads, soiled puppy towels, horse blankets, comforters and dye jobs without a complaint. How can you replace that? The dryer on the other hand has been squeaking for attention for several years now. I'm thinking it's days are numbered.

But the Special Needs Day at the corn maze was a bright spot in the weekend. It was a wildly successful day and we doubled our attendance from last year. I absolutely love chatting with these wonderful families. We met some awesome people over the weekend, and I got to visit with some old friends as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow..the dryer fire sounds like good times!! lol... shoot that'd have me nervous too!

Morgan Street said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard at your dryer story. Quite funny!! I wonder if your hubbs could come fix our leaking washing machine?
btw - TAG YOU'RE IT. Read the details on my blog:

Michelle said...

sorry to hear your dryer caught on fire! thank goodness no one was hurt.

looks like the day at the farm went great!