Our local amusement park is listed as the second best kids park in the world. We're honored to live in the backyard of Idlewild, and we invest in season passes every year. They started Hallowboo a few years ago where they decorate the place for fall and open on weekends in October. Today was the first we managed to get there and I'm wondering why. It. Was. Serious. Fun.

One of the features in the park is called Story Book Forest and they have all the nursery rhymes for the kids to walk through and see. It's one of Micah's favorite places to visit because they have little tiny houses the kids can walk into, and paths through the woods. Micah loves paths. Actually it's more of an obsession. Today threw him a little as some of the beloved characters he's used to seeing were in costume. Costumes freak him out (see yesterday's post about the marvy costume I bought for him) and it took him a while to muster the courage to get the candy they were offering. Yep, it was trick-or-treating in Fairy Tale Land. Once he realized they were offering food he soon conquored his fears and it was a blast for all of us. Sadly we were short on time, but we'll be back. We may even be in costume!


Cecily R said...

Micah and I could be grand friends I think. I love paths too!

I love the orange fountain.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Ha! I'm not the only one that uses a stroller for the purpose of holding all the crap that comes with kids, and not for holding the kids themselves. It's good to not be alone.

Also, the pic of Micah standing as far away from the lady giving out candy is ADORABLE!