Kicking Under the Covers

It takes me a while to figure things out sometimes. You'd think I was blonde, but I'm not. I finally realized, after 12 years of parenting, why kids kick you in the back (or stomach or legs or head) when they crawl into bed with you. Much as I'd like to think it's a tortune tactic for making them eat their veggies, they're simply reassuring themselves that you're there. Isn't that sweet?

Guess what, dear readers. It's my 100th post! You know what that means? A giveaway! 'Tis the month, to be sure. How about leaving a comment letting me know if you have any great ideas for me to make and add to the store. If you can't think of anything right now (I know, so much pressure) simply let me know what you love that I've already added. I'm not really this vain, I simply like to hear what everyone else likes. It helps me know what to add more of and what to nix on the sewing table.

Drawing will be held on Monday, October 29. Looking forward to all your great suggestions!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! We won't enter this one because we just one....:( Have a blessed day and we are glad you liked all the umbrella ideas!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Kellan said...

Congratulations! I'm coming up on mine too in not too long. Way to go. I enjoy your site. I'm not sure I have any great ideas right now; if I think of something I'll come back later and leave another comment. Have a good day. See ya.

Catracha at heart said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I have enjoyed them all. The only suggestion I would have for your store is to maybe add more boy colors in your blankets/diaper bag stuff. Like blues and browns together. (Am I making sense? I swear each day closer to having this baby, my brain becomes less and less useless) I have been looking for blankets along the lines of this bedding set and its hard.
(maybe pacifier clips/holders too)

Ally said...

Here is what I am currently in love with:
-Halloween Owls Shirt
-Chenille Koto Oriental Baby Blanket
-Brown Knit and Corduroy Bib n Burper Set (would be nice in a blanket)
-Natural Sparrows Chenille Baby Blanket (I LOVE this fabric, you should make a tote bag out of it)

Anyway that is what I am currently Loving on your site, but I really like a lot of the other stuff you have on there too :)

Ally (tjaksv (at) yahoo (dot) com)

Ally said...

P.S. I had a nice response all written it out before, but my munchkins intrupted me and I closed my browser, then I had to remmeber what I was going to originally say.. anyway.. I forgot to add in Congratulations on your 100th post.

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!

Deanne said...

Congrats on your #100!!! Here's to you and many more posts to come!

I like the things you've made and have for sale. At this moment I can't think of anything for you to add..........but maybe girl dresses? There's just something about buying cute dresses for my girls (even if they only wear them to church on Sundays). Do you sell those already? As you can tell it's been a while since I perused your site.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

Man, have I got some ideas for you. The following is the list of items I would/have made myself, but my sewing machine hates me too much to mass produce.

- A toddler-sized art smock. Pockets would be a nice touch.

- A fuzzy snowman shirt.

- A basket liner with a couple of pockets (I wanted one to hold all that little debris you need when you have an infant--pacifiers, gas medicine, nail clippers, thermometer, etc. I kept all that stuff in one basket, but wanted pockets when I got tired of rummaging.)

- A blanket that rolls up and secures with a self-contained strap.

- A play mat that has loops for hooking toys (a la Link-a-Doos) scattered over the top of it.

- Boppy covers.

- Changing pad covers.

Also, if you've never been there, you should take a voyage to Cribs to Teens in Monroeville. Not only might you be able to convince them to carry some of your items, but you'll get some great ideas. I very badly wanted the Humpty Dumpty patchwork stuffed animal they had, but the price on it was completely out of control. I figured I would just make it, and well, that just never happened.

Karen said...

Great ideas! I love the bedding set you linked to from Wal-Mart, Catracha. But honestly I don't know how they mass produce for such great prices. It's that overseas minimum wage I think.

BB's Mom, I've driven by the store numerous times and have threatened to stop. I did once but Micah was asleep and I figured it wouldn't make a good impression to carry in a screaming child when asking if they'd be interested in my things. I'll have to stop now with your glowing recommendation. Thanks for all the great suggestions. My mind is reeling with possibilities now.

Catracha at heart said...

I bought ribbon (like fabric ribbon, not gift wrap ribbon) to make pacifier clips for this baby, but I can't find a clip for it to attach it too. (I had thought about using the alligator clips, LMAO - but I dont think it would work that will) And with the baby coming in 6 days, its not happening. I am not going clip hunting. But it is hard to find stuff along those color lines.

Karen said...

Those clips are elusive buggers that I've only been able to find on ebay. I've made one or two using mitten clips from Wal-Mart. You know those little metal clips on elastic that you attach your mittens to the end of your sleeve with? But I wasn't thrilled with them because they're stinkers to work one-handed when you want to clip that binky onto the baby in an emergency.

Congrats on that new baby coming! A boy?

Cecily R said...

Okay, I'm not entering your contest because that's not fair, but congrats on the 100th post! Woo Hoo!

And the whole kicking thing, THANK YOU for clearing that up for me! Now I won't be so annoyed. I'll say, "awwwwwww, she/he loves me" when I am being slowly paralyzed by the toes in my spine.
(It really is a nice thought, by the way...)

Karen said...

There are two different versions the kids are giving me for kicking under the covers. I know for a fact some (most) nights that it probably is a way to get back at us, but I do know that on occasion it's truly for reassurance. The other morning (4:30) Micah joined us and wiggled and whined until he touched us, then promptly went to sleep. He just didn't want to be alone. And tired and annoyed though I was, I thought it was sweet.

Michelle said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

I'll try to remember that is the reason the next time Kayla kicks me in the ribs LOL

Michelle said...

ps - I still love the apron/baking set :) Are you still planning on making a Christmas-themed one? or an everyday type one?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My thinker hat passed over my head for a moment and thought of one more . . . a fuzzy bear t-shirt. I'm trying to make one with a Steelers fabric dress on it, but I'm pretty sure you could top it and make it gender neutral.

A bunch of birthday oriented stuff would be fun, too. I shirt with a cake on it, maybe a hat, etc.