Weekly Randomness

I've become addicted to Hallowboo and took Luke and Micah on Saturday. Luke was thrilled with the opportunity to dress up. Micah is freaked out by costumes, but knowing it was Luke under there, he was obsessed with poking his eyes. It was the only part of Luke he could recognize and wanted to reassure himself frequently.

Isn't he a cute little FrankenLuke? He pulled that costume together himself. And he's quite proud, too. He's posing in that picture, not being upset with the camera. Too cute. He's been wearing his mask non-stop recently. He hasn't tried wearing it to school yet, but I caught this on camera:

And remember how I cleaned the house for the party on Friday? I found this in the kids bathroom sink. What can they be doing to grow mildew in 3 days?!

And of course the corn maze happened. I think I mentioned this already, but a brief run-down is that our church hosts this every year. This year we've volunteered to head it up, because I had nothing else to do with my time. This has been all-consuming since July. It's amazing, really, that I've not lost a child or went to town in my pajamas because of the stress this has caused me. But all good things must come to an end, and this coming weekend will be the last day. Of course the weekend following we have clean-up, then a post-maze staff meeting to plan for next year. And then I can forget about it until next July. Don't get me wrong, it's tons of fun and we all enjoy it immensely. That's why we volunteered. My husband's favorite thing this year is the new slide. Check this thing out:

I caught Micah in the dog kennel yesterday. He was on the dog house roof, hanging by the peak. The kennel is a 6' high chain link fence and I keep the door locked because he lets the dogs out at will. The boy scaled the fence and dropped down onto the dog house roof. He was climbing down off the roof of the dog house to play with the corgis. I lay awake last night worrying about this. What if he would have fallen? How did he get up there so quickly? (He was feeding the ponies with me not 3 minutes before.) How do I convey to him that this kind of behavior is not to be repeated for his own safety? What else will I have to worry about him climbing now? I'll have to tell his preschool workers to keep an extra watchful eye on him. Their fence is only 4' high. Is there no confining this boy?


Kellan said...

That slide looks fun! My little boy has always been a climber too - I'm telling you. He likes to climb on everything and so far, no broken bones. It scares me to death. Good luck with your climber. See ya.

Cecily R said...

I so want to slide down that slide! Sounds like you and I both need a vacation with lots and lots of sleep on the adgenda.

By the way, I know he's exausting, but I love hearing about Michah's antics. He makes me smile everytime I read about him!

Deanne said...

I can't see the pics. bummer! Blogger must have ate them, blogger isn't nice.

Karen said...

I haven't tried the slide yet but my husband stops up at the maze through the week just to "make sure it's working right." Kids LOVE it. Micah especially gets his thrills on the giant slide.

Cecily, thanks for the encouraging words about Micah. He truly is a dear, and we've been blessed immensely. I'm just wishing the terrible twos would pass a bit quicker. :)

Karen said...

Kellan - weirdly I've found that the risk-takers are the ones who never get hurt. Our phobic ones are the ones who's ended up with stitches and broken bones.

laundrylessons said...

Just move that super slide to your back yard. Maybe that will curb his appetite for danger. Great pictures!

Michelle said...

Your pictures aren't showing now, but I managed to see them earlier on bloglines :) the "FrankenLuke" costume looks great! I can't imagine being in charge of the corn maze; I'm sure you'll be glad when that is over even though it has been fun :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

First of all, Luke is hysterical! I love the pose action in the first shot!

If you need somewhere to store that slide until next year, I have a hill in my backyard that looks to be about the right size. Just sayin'.

Finally, it's kind of nice to hear that I'm not the only one that can be actively watching a child only to find them in a precarious sitation seconds later. Those little buggers can be quick when they want to be. You're right when you say the daredevils usually manage to get by unscathed. At least Micah has that going for him.