Christmas Meme

I've been tagged by an all new meme! The Burgh Baby's Mom made this one up (yeah for creativity!) and it's a fun one for the holidays. I'm not sure what's going to happen once June rolls around and people are still being tagged with this, but that could just make it even more fun.

Here's how it goes:

1. List your favorite childhood Christmas gift, your favorite gift that you received as an adult, and a gift that you would like to receive in the future.
2. Tag three people to do the meme.
3. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Okay, my favorite gift as a child was a lamb. A real live one. The neighboring farmer had a sheep die while giving birth and my parents took the baby for me to raise as a 4-H project. It was waiting for us on the back porch when we got home from Christmas eve service at church. I bottle fed her until she could fend for herself, and she was such a pet. If you know anything about the local fairs, the market animals are there to be sold to market. I took her to the fair under the stipulation that she come back home with me. Turns out she was a good lamb and did very well. I could have made a nice start on my college fund with her, but instead I raised a baby out of her and sold her back to the farm where she came from for $40. And that's the long story.

My favorite gift as an adult would have to be the year Luke was born. There's so much to say about it. He was due December 22, and we just hoped he would avoid the actual holiday. He was born the 6th. That was a gift for both him and I. That year I said NO to everyone and everything. It was the least stressful season I've ever lived through and it taught me that I need to seriously start limiting myself to the important things. And of course I had a newborn. That in itself was a fabulous gift. Can I say my husband gave me this gift?

A gift that I would love to have someday would be maid service for a lifetime. LOL Seriously, how wonderful would that be? And a personal chef would be great, too. You know, since we're dreaming and all. I am not going to win any homemaking awards in the near future and if someone else took this great burden off me I could have more time to spend in the stable. I'd much rather muck a stall than mop the kitchen. I know, I'm messed up. What can I say?

I tag Kellan at On The Upside because she's so good at sharing stories. Hers should be good.

I tag Hollywood Flakes because I just discovered her blog and would love to know more about her.

I tag Bia at La Dolce Vita because with those boys she's gotta have some fun gifts to talk about.


Melissa said...

I agree with gifts I would like to receive. A personal chef and a maid would be on the top of my list, too.

Kellan said...

I liked all of your gifts and I too want a lifetime maid service!!

OMG - I have 6 tags I haven't even done yet - I'll add this too my list and hopefully get to it before Christmas. I love doing these memes, I just never seem to take time to get them together - and look how fast you did yours. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Karen - have a great weekend.

Hollywood said...

I love the lamb gift! My hubby took care of animals as a kid as well and I can't say enough about the lessons kids can learn from caring from animals. Someday we'll get out of this apartment and get some of our own.

Tag accepted! I'll get working on this for my next post :)

By the way - I've been looking through your etsy store and LOVE your stuff! I especially love that guitar blanket. You've got some kind of great fabric store around. I wish I did!

Cecily R said...

Um, yea I want maid service too! When I make my millions I'm sending a maid to you!

Your child present doesn't shock me at all!

KIDZMAMA said...

I'm visiting you from Baby Burgh. I really liked her meme idea and wanted to see what you wrote.

I have four kids as well and lifetime maid service and a cook would be the best wish ever!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I knew I was going to enjoy reading your answers. Thanks for playing along with my madness!

Your husband definately gets the credit for your adult gift. Or the blame, depending on whether or not Micah has pants on when he goes down the slide. ;-)

Maid service. Can I just tell you that I wish I had thought of that? Somebody constantly keeping my house clean would be right up there with a trip to Disney. It doesn't quite surpass a few hours riding Tower of Terror, but it's pretty darn close.

Karen said...

Hollywood - I do a lot of my fabric shopping online because the selection is much better than my fabric store. Sadly, it's way too easy to spend money while sitting in your pajamas.

Cec - Here's hoping that you come into your millions quickly! haha For your sake, dear. All for you!

Kidzmama - I'm so glad you visited today! Welcome!

Burgh Mom - I'm glad it was alright to dream a little on the last one. I thought I might be breaking the rules there. Although for a real live might-just-actually-get-it-someday kind of gift, I'd like to have an embroidery machine. Just to play with.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My Disney one is every bit as much of a dream as your maid service one. My husband couldn't plan a vacation by himself if his life depended on it.

I'd love an embroidery machine, too. I stare at them every single time I go to JoAnn's.

Karen said...

Oooh, you're braver than I am. I never look at them. With each trip I'd be telling myself that the price really isn't that bad. And pretty soon I'd believe it. And then I'd buy one. And then I'd need a new place to sleep. But I could embroidery "My Bed" on whatever I was sleeping on and that would make it kinda fun.

Bia said...

Karen, Wow! Thanks for the tag. I'll try and get to it sometime today. I love your gift story of the lamb . . . what a neat gift.

A friend of mine just got an embroidery machine and since she asked for my intials . . . I'm getting pretty excited!

Again, thanks for the meme tag. God bless!