The Christmas Letter

I caved. I wrote The Christmas Letter. I did this at midnight before the family Christmas party because I couldn't think of a great way to just add my blog addy to my cards. Do you include it in the list of names? Do you just tack it onto the bottom like an afterthought? ACK, it was too much for me to think about, so I just wrote. And now I'll bore you all with it as well. Who knows, you may learn something about us that you didn't know. Or you might want to run and never read my blog again since I've subjected you to a Christmas letter in the bloggy world.

Merry Christmas!

Not a whole lot has happened this year to report in the annual chronicle. But just to keep everyone current on what’s happening, here’s the run-down.

Sam is still working at Somerset Hospital in radiology. He enjoys his job, except when he’s called out in the middle of the night. I keep reminding him that as a mom, I’m on call every night so I have no sympathy to give. We were able to visit friends in Arizona this spring and spent a wonderful week vacationing in the warm. Sam is currently busy building a dog kennel for me so that my girls can be in a building with outside runs. They’ll love that.

My kennel is growing and evolving. Josh bought a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the money he made from his 4-H pig this year, and Becky is waiting until spring to get a Maltese. They decided that raising dogs is easier than raising pigs, and more profitable as well. Only time will tell for sure. My online store has really taken off and I’m having a hard time keeping up with Christmas orders. It’s a good problem to have. I started out sewing baby blankets, bibs and the like, but have expanded to include custom shirts that have been a huge hit. My kids love wearing them, and that’s the best endorsement there is. I’m found at

Becky is in 6th grade this year. Her biggest thrill is that she’s finally taller than Mom. I told her that I’m pretty sure I stopped growing at age 12, and she’s terrified. She played soccer this spring in AYSO, and showed one of our Shetland ponies in 4-H. She and Tommy learned so much being out and about in the cart, and they both did very well. She went to districts, and ended up getting reserve champion in the county at the year’s end.

Josh is in 4th grade and doing very well in school. He played AYSO soccer as well, and took golf lessons this summer. He’s a big help with the animals and lives to mow the lawn. He likes to ride but unfortunately the riding horses aren’t as kid friendly as we’d hoped. He spent a lot of time in the pool this summer with his brothers. He’s still the outdoor enthusiast.

Luke is in 1st grade and just turned 7. He’s our star reader and absolutely loves school. Luke is our in-house artist and spends all his time drawing and coloring. He even won a trophy at school for a coloring contest! He’s his own person and won’t exert himself in sports because “it’s too much running.” We find this ironic since he runs everywhere he goes. He did go to church camp with the kids this summer when he found out they had a pool.

Micah is 4 and is in preschool at IU8 again this year. We started him at Easter Seals for speech therapy in addition to what he gets at school. He just has no speech and we’re desperately trying to encourage sounds other than yells and grunts. In our attempt, we’ve also begun riding lessons with him. Oddly enough, riding helps stimulate speech. So far nothing, but he loves his weekly session so we’ll keep on keeping on. He has decided that mealtimes are great game times, and plays Duck, Duck, Goose at the supper table every night. Even at restaurants.

If you’d like to keep tabs on all the happenings of the household, I’ve started a blog this year. You can catch us at We’re hoping that you have a wonderful ’08 and that you find His Peace in the midst of the holiday chaos.

Sam & Karen, Becky, Josh, Luke & Micah


Madame Queen said...

I love reading Christmas letters! Especially yours, because it helps me learn more about you!

That's so funny what Luke said about sports. That's the same thing Bubba said about soccer this year! It's also the reason why he doesn't want to play next year.

Thanks for letting me know about the shirt. My budget is a little bit Christmas depleted right now, but I'd definitely like to get one for Punkin after Christmas.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Do you think it would be wrong for me to print out a copy of your letter and give it to my sister-in-law as an example of how you SHOULD write your Christmas letters? Her's are HORRENDOUS. Mind you, we're talking about the Mom that allows her 4 and 6-year old girls to play with all the Bratz dolls they want. There's certainly a different mindset in play there.

I learned lots of new things from your letter. Thanks for sharing it!

Deb in OPKS said...

I write a Christmas letter every year but I only send it to friends and family I don't see often. I had mine all ready to go and have my cards ordered, then my main computer broke down. Guess where the letter is. We're getting a new computer and will transfer the harddrive, but it may be next week before I can get them out. I don't want to rewrite it.

Regarding Micah. My Peanut doesn't talk either and I feel your pain. We were able to go the the National DS Conference this year and it was so encouraging to see little ones talking and talking well. Many of the parents told me their little ones were a little older before they started talking. That helped calm me a little. Still, I so wish she would talk! What I wouldn't give to hear her say Mama.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell, but I am considering caving as well - I love to read others letters, and yours was very well written. There ought to be a website where people can upload the horrid letters that they receive - my parents get one every year from a lady who starts off by listing everyone who has died . . . and how big of a pain in the rear it was for her! Happy Holidays, indeed!

Karen said...

Oh, Deb - it's nice to hear that someone else isn't vocalizing yet. It seems that kids half his age are verbal and I have to wonder what's going on. I'm not one to spaz over things and know that all good things happen in due time, but it's hard sometimes to see other DS kids talking. Bless you, and hang in there.

Driving - Hysterical! That IS a horrid letter.

Melissa said...

LOL! I've never had the nerve to write a holiday letter for fear I would be one of those that puts out a horrible letter. Yours on the other hand was a great read.

Deanne said...

Nice letter! It gives the yearly details without being braggy. If I were to do a letter I'd want it to be like yours. Good job! :)

The Sports Mama said...

Love the letter! And I thought it was a great way to mention your blog. Now, you just have to be careful what you write about whom! :)

Cecily R said...

I love YOUR letter. At least it didn't talk about how much more fabulous your kids are than mine and it wasn't a painfully bad poem.

Yours I'd take any day.

FarmHouse Style said...

I am so glad you posted your Christmas letter. It is nice to get to know you and your family a little better:)


Karen said...

Cec - you're kidding, right? You know my kids are way better than yours. They never make messes, they never argue, they always do just as they're told. And I never lie. ;) Actually, I'm amazed that someone would write a poem. I love poetry, but I'm envisioning a rhyming letter and that could get ugly.

KIDZMAMA said...

Great letter. I'm glad you included how old each kid is. For some reason family members can't remember something so simple.

We used to write a letter when we lived farther away from family. Now it's just hopeless.

Jennifer said...

What an awesome letter. will you write mine? If I wrote it it would go something like this.

The year in review -
we moved, andre is homeschooled, I got pregnant (yes again), Husband moved to Honduras, I had the baby, Lana got caught in a chair, had to call 911 and got to meet 4 of our local firemen, and now the year is almost over. I can't wait to leave and go to Honduras to get away from you all. (well not you mom) Merry Christmas! Or maybe I would just sign it Bah Humbug, LOL.

I do think I will write a letter though right before we move to send out, but if I do, then I guess I would have to start writting it right now so that it has the right tone, LOL.

Karen said...

Kidzmama - I try to include in my letters the things I'd like to know about others. You're right, too often I don't remember how old the cousins kids are.

Jennifer - you crack me up! I'd just try to avoid saying "I'm so glad to be leaving you" in the letter.

Bia said...

You did a great job with your Christmas letter! I love getting letters, since many times it's the one time of year to catch up.

I also liked how well you mentioned your blog . . . I had been wondering how to handle that in our own letter.

Zoe said...

much nicer than mine!

Shellie said...

I did learn stuff, thanks! I love the word hippotherapy, don't you? It's a great sensory activity. I wish I lived nearby so I could visit and see all your animals. I don't know how you keep up with it all.