Washing Away the Stress

Gosh, it's amazing what a night away will do. The stress of last week just seemed to melt away and now I can face the stress of the upcoming week with a clean slate.

I left yesterday with the distinct feeling that I was forgetting several key things, but decided that I didn't really care. One of the key things was my camera. Wouldn't you know it? So I have no personal photos to share. I can tell you that the mansion was decorated just beautifully and despite what the innkeeper said, the heat was not turned on. It was just as warm outside this morning as it was in our room last night. Here is their website if you want to see some pictures of the inside.

Besides the work I got done for the shop last week, I had fun with the laundry. (And several sick kids, but I'm just glad it was the 24 hour variety of the flu and it's over and done.) Way back in September was our 15 year anniversary and my dear husband always gets me a wonderful gift for every 5 years we've spent in marital bliss. I needed to get him something, so decided that I'd treat him well and get him the big screen TV he's been lusting after. He'd never buy it for himself, but if I bought it for him he would have to accept. The thing is, I'm not a techie and would surely get the wrong one. So I bought gift cards enough to cover the bulk of one. I gifted him gift cards for our anniversary. And told him what to spend them on. (We're very romantic that way.) He grinned from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morning when he sees that Big Gift under the tree. But in the end he said he just couldn't bring himself to spend that kind of money on a television. And we had these gift cards sitting around unused. He decided to spend them on a front load washer. How could I argue with that?

Well, actually I did argue. Several months worth of arguing actually. I would love to have a front load washer, do not get me wrong on that point. But the washer we have is a Maytag and it takes a beating every single day and hasn't once tried to walk out on me. Our dryer, on the other hand, is my nemesis. We do not like each other very well and yet I'm forced to continue dealing with it every day. It's getting the upper hand by eating things. It selectively chooses the best and newest item inside each load and leaves a permanent burn mark on it. I cannot live like this much longer. I heard all the arguements. The washer would dry the clothes so much that the dryer would have less time to select and burn, the washer would save tons in energy bills, the washer this and the washer that... The final straw that won the arguement was when my husband promised to fix the dryer. I'm holding him to it.

So we bought the washer and it arrived this week. It's marvy and fabulous and all brand new like, just sitting there in my laundry room waiting for things to clean. I started with the big guns and washed the sleeping bags the kids had on the basement floor. (The basement is not finished yet and although one side is the kids' and the other is Dad's workshop, the missing wall between kinda joins them together in a very dusty way.) It cleaned beautifully, but did not spin them nearly as dry as I'd envisioned it should. My second load of laundry was the same way. Hmmm, maybe I should read the book.

Nothing mentioned that you may have to re-spin some loads. Great, I got a dud. But otherwise it was fun. The door is on the front and opens just like a laundromat washer, it holds just as much, and the knobs are bright and shiny. There are lights that flash and bells and beeps that make all sorts of musical noise. It's tons of fun. And that's when it hit me. Micah, too, thinks it's tons of fun and apparently he's been rewetting the clothes after they've been spun dry. I kept a vigilant eye on the washer during the next cycle and wa-laa! The clothes are, indeed, very well spun when the cycle is done. I'm pretty sure the clothes were actually dizzy as I put them into the dryer.

So there you have it, folks. I got my husband a front load washer for our anniversary this year. And I'm seriously loving it.


Deb in OPKS said...

We were married 15 years (in July) this year, too! My husband got to go to Hawaii for a conference so I went along. That was basically our anniversary present to each other. He would have bought the T.V. though.

Jennifer said...

Earlier this year the dryer in the house that I am renting died. So I called tha landlord and told him so, then I told him I wasn't waiting for him to get a new one. I went out and bought a brand new washer and dryer -the high capacity front loaders. AND I LOVE THEM. I have never loved an appliance as much as I love my washer and dryer! (I was also lucky because they were switching models, so I got the older models for half price. (exact same things on it too, just the older model is white, the newer model is an off-white) I got the washer and dryer for the price of the washer. You have no idea how happy I was to find that deal!

My little ones LOVE to sit infront of the washer and just watch the stuff go around and around, LOL.


Deanne said...

So what did you get....another Maytag or is it a Whirlpool this time??? Do tell!

Glad you had a great night away!! You were prepared for the 'heated' room, right? More reason to cuddle up! ;)

Leanne said...

Lol. I think your husband got the PERFECT gift. After all he makes the clothes dirty too!

Now, you've got me interested in 'googling' up washers and dryers to see what's out there....I still need a Christmas present for my hubby. ;)

Melissa said...

LOL! Can you have your hubs talk to mine?

Karen said...

Deb - I'm a bit jealous of Hawaii. We were going to go on a cruise but that's not happening for various reasons. Maybe another year. But not to HI.

Jennifer - I'm more than a bit jealous. What a score! Good for you. I wish Micah would be content to just sit and watch. I told our kids that for Christmas maybe we wouldn't do gifts, just sit and watch clothes get clean.

Deanne - we got an LG. It's a risk, but consumer guides gave it a good rating. So far I'm lovin' it. Except it needs a child lock on it to avoid buttons being pushed when they shouldn't. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Who says romance is dead?!

If my front-loading washer could sprout arms and legs, I would seriously run off into the sunset with it. Never in my life have I made a purchase that was more worth that one. Cleaner clothes and less water, detergent, and energy - win/win in my book!

Kellan said...

Karen, you write the funniest stories and I have front load washer envy!!! I hope you get it to working correctly (maybe I should read the book - ACK)! Hope you have a good week - last week was crazy busy for me and I need this week to not be so crazy! See you later. Kellan

Madame Queen said...

I have a front load washer that I L.O.V.E. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Make him fix the dryer though!!

Your husband actually sounds a little bit like me. When we got married we couldn't afford an engagement ring, so my husband promised me one on our 10th anniversary. When 10 years rolled around I told hubs it was ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a ring when there were so many other things we wanted/needed. So guess what? We got a fake ring. It's a pretty good fake and now people only know if I want them to!

Madame Queen said...

Oh, and I'm glad you had a good time on your night away. Would've been better if it was warmer, though, huh?

Shellie said...

Dizzy clothes...an interesting concept! I am in love with my big industrial front load washer and matching dryer. They save so much on energy, water, dryer wear and tear, and you can cram so much more into them and they use way less detergent too! Now if the washer would just load and unload itself and the dryer would just fold and put away the clothes, we would be in business.