Tuesday's Post

That is the most clever title you've ever seen in your entire lives. Admit it.

It's been one of those days. A horse that I've been trying to sell for over a year had someone come pick her up today. We struggled with said horse for 3 hours in 90 degree weather and in the end the horse won. She's eating grass quite happily in the field. I'm hot, tired and very, very peeved.

My husband fell off an 8' ladder when it collapsed from under him and will be feeling the effects of that for the next week. I'm grateful he's not seriously injured.

Micah peed on the carpet, we now have 5 dogs in the house because of the two impending births and it's hotter than Hades. I don't do heat well.

Because of today's events, I'm answering some questions that came my way. I asked you to ask me for just such an occasion.

Burgh Baby’s Mom asked So, which one would you rather do the horizontal tango with:

George Clooney or Brad Pitt?
George Bush or Bill Clinton?
Christina or Britney?
Animal or Kermit the Frog?

Okay first of all I don’t dance. I never did learn and it’s a good thing because my two left feet would be all over the dance floor in a bad way. But since that dance was tempered with the horizontal I’ll have to go with a “I’m happily married, thanks!” (I have 4 kids, did you think otherwise?)

But in the spirit of playing along, I’ll answer the best I can.

Pitt does nothing for me. Seriously – what do people see in him? There are very few actors that have made my heart go pitter patter over the years and Clooney has managed to make himself one of them. *sigh* The others include Clark Gable, Mel Gibson and McDreamy himself.

Bush or Clinton? Um, Ewwww. They're both old enough to be my father and that alone is just gross. I do not want to be known as Rocking Pony Lewinsky.

Christina and Britney? What kind of question is that? Aren’t they each other’s alter egos? They both make me want to rip their hair out.

Animal or Kermit? Okay, now you’re just getting freaky on me. I’ll have to turn this question right back at you and ask if you’d do the nasty with an animal. I wouldn’t dance with either one, horizontal or otherwise, but Kermit has always been a favorite of mine. I don’t know why because Animal clearly has the party personality going on, the low-maintenance look that I so love and the endearing clueless snark. Kermit is green and eats flies, and yet I love him. Is it too late to change my answer?

Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes asked How did you and your husband meet?

Way back when I was so very new to blogging, we celebrated our 15th anniversary. In honor of that I posted how we met. You can read about it here. It’s worth the read because I rarely do anything in the traditional way.

Is the Tranny Head hawt or not?

I can feel Tranny Head’s heat way up in the mountains where I live, she’s that hawt. Perhaps she should move closer so that our gardens don’t get killed by frost after Memorial Day.

Of course now that it's in the 90's she can just take her hawtness back.

Does Tranny Head's arse look big in this?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that it does. Anyone who is a finalist in the Bloggy Arse-Off would be sure to look big in anything. ;)

Cecily asked:
Do you scribble down blog post ideas as they happen, take notes later or sit at your computer and let the post come on its own (I have been known to do all three with limited success so I am curious about how other people manage--especially those of you who post daily)???

I'm not organized enough to write things down and then remember where I wrote them. You're kinda funny if you think I'm that kind of organized. ;) There was a day, before kids, that I was. But no longer. They took my mind and ran off with it.

I usually just try to remember things until I can get to a computer and jot the idea down. I find that the "try to remember" thing is both good for my memory improvement and for forgetting things that I never should have.


I'll be entertaining more questions in the future, so if you have something you're wanting to know about me ask away.

And obviously the dogs haven't had puppies yet. There's still time to get in on the puppy pool and win something from the store.


Poltzie said...

My question is:
Did you know that Micah had downs before or after his birth and what were your thoughts about it all?
I've worked with so many parents of children with special needs and I never tire or hearing about their thoughts when they found out. I find the honestly to be quite beautiful and something all parents can learn from.

Leanne said...

How do you stop all those children from driving you insane?

Okay, unfair question but I'm just having an 'off' day with my trio.

Thanks for the smile.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Brad Pitt did nothing for me either until I watched "Troy". So he would have to show up dressed like that.

Clooney is mine.

Debbie Yost said...

I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan either. Personally, I've always found Han Solo very hawt. I'm probably showing my age here.

Debbie Yost said...

Oh, and I hope your hubby is feeling better very soon! I'm glad he didn't get seriously hurt.

Pam said...

huh? what? I got lost with McDreamy....I missed the rest of the post and was busy daydreaming about him.....

Sandy C. said...

I've been trying to keep blog ideas in my head until I sit in front of the computer, but my memory doesn't seem to be improving :( Now I just scribble down notes that I can't usually read later ;)

Hope your hubby is alright! That sounds like a long way to fall :(

Michelle said...

Ouchie ouchie! I hope your husband isn't too sore!

And should I remind you that sadly, it's only Monday? :)

Good luck with the horse. No Ace on hand? That's my usual fallback to a balky loader when the usual tricks fail (and I'm darn good at tying blindfolds, arranging leads behind the rear, turning in circles, ponying in, etc). I hate it when the horses win, but win they do sometimes!

Here's hoping tomorrow is less stressful!

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

What a crappy day! But, seriously, the answer to BBM's ? is Kermit. Come on! Green is the new black.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You ARE a good sport, even if the term "horizontal tango" left a little too much wiggle room for you.

Glad Sam is OK. Let me know if I need to make him take the ladder safety training class.

Spammon said...

Since you wouldn't decide on George Bush or Bill Clinton, I think you just tagged yourself to mambo with both. AKA George Clinton. You go Atomic Dog!

Keri said...

ouchie... my hubbie did that falling from ladder thing 2 years ago. seperated his shoulder. So i feel for your hubbie...

mmmmm... georgie boy!!

Fannie Mae said...

Hee! 4 kids, 5 dogs and a farm; jot down notes during the day? I'm thinking "no"! ;)

Tranny Head said...

Dude - I LOVE Brad Pitt. And Angelina - I'll take 'em both. Brad is so distracting LOOKING to me that if I see him in a movie, I have a hard time listening to what he's saying - just like in real life when you're talking to an exceptionally good looking person. I like Cloony, too. But I have a critique of your reasoning, man - you say Bushy and Billy C are both old enough to be your dad . . . Cloony's no spring chicken, man!

Oh - and I would take Animal for sure.

(And my other responses are Billy C and Cristina in case you are curious - Britney is too likely to have an emotional breakdown for it to be entertaining.)

caramama said...

I'm glad your hubby is okay! I hope he recovers quickly.

And Pitt is so sexy that I can't help drooling when I think of him. Clooney is very sexy as well, but Pitt is just amazing. Sigh...

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's accident! Thank goodness he wasn't more seriously hurt!

and how embarassing that I asked you a question that you already posted the story to your blog and that I was the first to comment on it!!! Sorry I didn't remember the story :)

I feel like I should ask another question LOL Like what was your favorite vacation?

Flea said...

Brendon Frasier. Mmm. Delicious! But I'm married and wouldn't even consider. Just nice eye candy. *sigh*

Flea said...

Wait wait wait - did you ever tell about the honeymoon?

Colleen said...

I nearly passed out when I first saw Clooney and Pitt in the same scene together in "Oceans Eleven". Seriously...heart stopped, breathing stopped, and just gawked for a good 2 minutes, all slack-jawed. Husband slapped me back into breathing.
According to my mom, I've always had a thing for Animal.
And I'm with you on the others...

question for you: did you always want 4 kids? or did they just keep coming? or did you just continually want more after each one? I'm kinda asking because I'm wondering when my baby fever will subside, even though I have a baby right now.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Funny, funny stuff. Oh, not the Hubby falling off a ladder part, or the pee on the carpet part, or the obstinate horse part...wow, suddenly I'm depressed.
McDreamy. Yeah. Now that's a nice thought to shut down the computer to.