How To Treat Your Siblings Right

At the wedding reception we were sitting by some friends, catching up. You have to bear in mind that said friend has the mental capacity of Luke. I'm not dissing him - he's a very intelligent indidivual. But he's the type that never grew up. I'm sure you know someone like him. Ever the cut-up, and so very fun at get-togethers.

As fate would have it, he was sitting right beside Luke. Here's how the conversation of the day went down.

Charlie: I'll bet your sister is a total annoyance to you.

Luke: Yeh, she hits me on the wrong side of my head.

Charlie: What's the right side?

Luke: The left side. She always hits my right side. That's the wrong side.

Charlie: Becky, did you hear that? You need to start hitting Luke on the left side of his head. You're hitting him on the wrong side. If you're going to hit you've gotta do it right.

Thanks, Charlie. We're ever in your debt for teaching our children how to abuse one another.


And I just want to say that I'm ever in debt to all the wonderful friends I have through the bloggy community. I was overwhelmed from the responses I got from yesterday's post. The love and support mean so much, and the helpful tips were awesome. Thank you, every single one of you. You bring a tear to my eyes.


The Sports Mama said...

Duh, Mom! Of COURSE there's a right side and a wrong side for head whomps! :)

The right side is the creative side, so honestly? It doesn't look like she's doing much damage! He's one of the most creative kids I've seen!

Pam said...

hee hee hee - funny story! I'm sorry I was away and missed yesterday's post- now I have to go back and read it to see what I missed. Either way- glad you got the love and support you needed!

kimmy said...

Kids say the funniest things!


Madame Queen said...

Pretty funny that the right side is actually the wrong side. You should have looked at Charlie and said "Okay, am I going to have to separate you two?"

imbeingheldhostage said...

yeah, I'm always late for the party (I didn't read your last post until I finished this on)-- that's a Mormon characteristic, did you know that? A lot of us are late for everything.
I love Charlie. My Hubby and I could spend an evening with him :-)
Happy weekend to you!

Spammon said...

You have to have an equal amount of hitting on each side of the head. You do too much on one side and you may walk around with a limp.

Sandy C. said...

That is hilarious :) I always wonder how they come up with these things ;) said...

I did the same thing as Jeri. I didn't read that one until you said that above here. Going out with friends two nights in a row means a VERY full reader.

I think you are a wonderful mother to Micah.

AND, Charlie sounds oddly like my elder brother.

Flea said...

What a good friend you have. I would have given the same advice.

Andrea said...

I know a lot of people like that who never seem to grow up. Charlie was so nice to help Luke out.

Colleen said...

unfortunately we know a LOT of people like Charlie who never really grew up...too bad I'm related to a lot of them!