On The Fifth Day of Christmas I Decorated A Few Trees

I began decorating for Christmas today. It is, officially, Christmas Crap Day. All the innocent bystanders may want to take a step back.

(The 5 gallon buckets are perfect for holding ornaments over the off-season. I'm just saying.)

Sam said that when even the owner of said crap calls it crap, it's time to cut back. I reminded him that I said the word crap lovingly, caressingly, a little too intimately. I may even sleep with my Christmas crap tonight instead of him. That'll show him.

I may also electrocute myself. It's been one of those days.

A dear friend came over today to help set up some trees. I have trees. I have decorations. I have Christmas Crap. I have no plan because I buy what I like with no forethought whatsoever. It's sad, really. I need help.

So Bev helped. I fluffed and strung lights, and she organized decorations, ornaments and baubles into something beautiful. A few somethings beautiful. This year I have 3 trees in my living room alone. I. Am. Loving it. Sam's eyes are rolling. I also have a tree in the bathroom and a set of 4 small ones in the dining room. I really thought that I had more trees than that and need one for the front hall but Sam is already threatening to put a nix to that. I wonder what Salvation Armani will offer up? It isn't like I don't have that 40+ stocking collection to hide any kind of ugly. A stocking tree would be fun, don't you think? And I promise I'd stop there.

This year.


The winner of the so-fun gift tags (that I threatened to keep for myself) is Leanne from Tired Mama. Get me your addy and I'll forward those to you. Congrats!


Tonight I am offering Christmas Crap for the giveaway. Two sets of teeny, tiny little cutesy ornaments. Or package tie-ons. Get creative with these, people. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

I apologize for the craptacular photography. But at this point, is anyone surprised? My stellar lack of skillz in that area are becoming known far and wide. But trust me, they're cute. And they're FREE so that's even better. And for that reason I don't want to hear any complaining. Think stocking stuffer, okay?


mommaof4wife2r said...

did you drink the egg nog? i can't believe you have all those trees! i can't keep my kids from touching the one that we have up now. i seriously haven't even had the time to put on the ornaments...does that make me a grinch or a wife who needs her hubby home NOW!!!

Melissa said...

Your trees are beautiful! I think I'm totally missing out on this having a friend help stuff. You are a genius!!

Salvation Armani will have me laughing for DAYS!

And we also keep our Christmas crap (I mean good stuff) in bins. How else would you store that much stuff!!

Michelle said...

Oh how fun, Karen! We'll get *our* tree (singular) someday soon. But not that many. You've got a good one in Sam, you know that? Oh, and we're with you on keeping Christmas decorations in the bins, too! It's a trend!

The MIL said...

You and Bev turned your crap into something beautiful. Do you think she has time for me? I so enjoy your blogs!

the planet of janet said...

you are hilarious! are you getting ideas from burghbaby and kelley???


Cecily R said...

You are FANCY!!! Our tiny little tree is hanging it's crooked head in shame...

Hey, sorry I haven't been around like I want to be lately. It's only been in the last few days that I have felt up to doing much of anything (which has been super hard for me). But I think we're on an upswing. I hope.

Anyway, I sure have thought about you over the past few weeks, and thank you so much for your nice comments.


CC said...

Karen, I do NOT want the Christmas crap. Don't enter me (but give me that HWWOT if the winner doesn't want it!).

I just love your account of all the crap and the stress of decorating and how you may sleep with the crap instead of your husband. Love it!

Andrea said...

I didn't decorate at all last year. This year....I am going to try to get into it. We are going to get our tree this weekend.

I love your trees. They are beautiful. And I love the train around the tree. We have one too!! I love it.

Karen Deborah said...

Is there something in our name? You got me beat woman. I love those wittle bitty ornaments I have some on my wittle bitty twee by me bed. You have a BIG house. I would have a tree in every room if there was space for it. But I will settle for the one inside and the Charlie brown at the back door. It's pretty obvious that there isn't any room inside that we have it outside. Good friend. I have done that for people too it's a nice feeling to make someones space lovely.
And just keep the CC coming!

Designher Momma said...

oh I luvz your kristmas krap...I need me some.

Pam said...

one person's crap is another man's treasure :)

Loving the giveaways!

LaskiGal said...

"Christmas Crap Day" awesome! I have a few of those myself.

And a tree in the bathroom? Really? Man . . . brings a whole new meaning to a Craptacular Christmas Tree


Get it? Crap? Lame . . . I know.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

We start all of this on Saturday.

I wish I had a bigger home - we will have one big tree and two 3-4 ft ones ... that is all.

The house looks perfectly festive.

pb&j in a bowl said...

Since I got rid of most of my own Christmas crap when we moved, I'm sadly lacking and would love to take some of yours off your hands.

The Sports Mama said...

A tree in the bathroom? Really? Aren't you at all afraid that the boys will decide to pretend they're camping, and practice their territorial marking skills?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Never heard of "CC" day, but I did begin the decorating around here today. While you have a plethora of trees, I tip the scales on Nativities. Put up three today. Have a couple more to go before I even drag out the tree or trees. Plural trees depend on whether Gary can secure the smaller tree to the top of the teapot tower shelf in the dining room -- for the heavenly choir, of course. All the angel ornaments congregate and shine beautifully on that small tree. (Please oh please, Lord, let the engineer-inventor-genius come up with a plan!) ; )

Bluepaintred said...




uhm. how big is your house that you can fit that many trees in it anyway?

Is there enough room for me to move in?

Bluepaintred said...

(pee ess: our tree goes up this Saturday. I can't wait!)

red pen mama said...

We start bringing up stuff on Saturday. Just me and the girls. I am a little scared, but it's gotta happen this year. We didn't have ONE tree last year, and I was sad. Not again.

But when did more than one tree become 'the thing'? I don't think I've ever managed to do more than one. I'm impressed!


Becoming Mommy said...

Your trees are beautiful.

Burgh Baby said...

All this talk about Christmas Crap has me all hot and bothered. *fans self*

I adore you.

And am pissed that you have more trees up than me. I'll fix that tonight.

GrumpyBear in Blue said...

I've been reading but not commenting but I thought I'd delurk today to have a chance for those CUTE little ornaments. My fiancee's mom made us a "countdown calendar" that is a Christmas tree and in the date is a little ornament for the tree. We already have a cubic ton of little bitty ornaments but I like to switch them around every year and put different ones in, so I'd LOVE these to add to the collection.

I'm jealous of all of your trees, we only have one (that I LOVE) but I'd love to have more.

Also, you have such cute kids and a wonderful way with words! You know how to tell a story that makes me laugh!

Debbie Yost said...

I have to say that I am excited about Christmas but dreading the decorating. I have my house back this year without a daycare so I thought this year would be great, but like you, I don't know what to do and I don't having anyone to help me. I also don't buy much because I don't know what to do with it. That's why my house is poorly decorated year round!

Anonymous said...

You and Burgh are my Christmas heros! I seriously can't wait until there is just a little bit more money in the bank (hey, a girl can dream, right?) to add to our holiday decorations - including another tree. Hopefully this will coinside with the kids being just a little big older and able to understand concepts such as "Don't lick that", "Don't eat that", and "Don't stick your finger in that."

JanMary said...

Followed you from Blogher link, as your post title so similar to mine (great minds and all that).

Love your trees, great you had some willing help.

Very cute little decorations.

Leanne said...

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

I'm so happy. I'ms sending you an e-mail with my address right now.

Thanks a million! I'm thrilled. :)

Colleen said...

woah...wait...how many trees? in your HOUSE? We've got one and then a whole bunch of boxes of our own Christmas Crap that I have yet to touch. But at least we got a few ornaments on the tree...and Gavin made the star this year because I'm not tall enough to put our "real" star on our tree without pulling out the big ladder...and well...I'm lazy.
Your oodles of trees, btw, look beautiful in those pics. :)