We should have gotten a goat a long time ago, way back when I really wanted one because I'd never had one growing up. Goats are awesome. They're like living garbage disposals. Weed the garden, give the trash to Bella. Clip dead flower heads, toss them to the goat. And don't even get me started on her impeccable weed eating and trimming capabilities. Goats are the best.


Some genius had the idea to host a yard sale last week, and in an effort to rid herself of unused stuff she had her husband take the leftovers to the local donation center. It felt very, very good to clear the clutter from the house. That good feeling lasted right up until this week when that same genius realized that most of the clothes that were donated were things that she could now fit into thanks to Weight Watchers.

*smacks self in head*


The animals need health papers for the fair next month, so I called the vet to make the appointment. We have a vet for the horses, another for the dogs, and a third for the one visit per year when the pigs need seen. The pig doctor is a personal friend of ours that sees neither horses nor dogs so we give him business when we can. This year, our dog's vet is the one that bought our pigs for us so we feel obligated to have him out to vet them. (Are you lost yet?)

In an effort to consolidate things, I figured we'd have the dog's vet (who is also vetting the pigs) also vet the ponies. Turns out that his practice doesn't do horses. The secretary recommended that we might have the horse vet do the pigs so that we could save a call-out fee. The horse vet only does horses.

With all the specializing going on you'd think I was making appointments for the kids and not the animals. When the secretary asked me if any information for the pigs has changed I couldn't resist the reply, "no, they still have the same insurance." She really wasn't amused. She probably doesn't have kids. Or maybe that's an inside joke of parents of children with a disability. I cannot count the number of times I'm asked that question.

Has anything changed?

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times. Maybe a million and three.


The recent trip to DC has made us realize that we need help with Micah. The strollers that didn't sell at the yard sale (and hadn't been used in well over a year) were put into good use while we were vacationing. Unfortunately, a six year old doesn't wholeheartedly enjoy being strapped into a moving vehicle and screams to get out and run (away).

I have always secretly made fun of parents who leash their children. You leash a dog. How difficult could it be to actually keep an eye on your kid?

And then I had Micah.

Guess what we just ordered?

I am thinking it probably won't be the answer to all our questions though. Micah is famous for the drop-and-flop and I envision him melting into a puddle of kicking boyness the moment that harness is strapped onto his being. I'll be forced to drag him along behind me or carry him. Neither option is a good one. I've just realized this week that he's getting a little too big for me to carry around. There's something about lugging fifty pounds in the crook of your arm for more than 3.2 minutes that gets old really fast. And turns your arm numb.


In a grand effort to not only get more exercise but to also exercise the dogs, I dragged Sam out for a walk this morning. With two overweight corgis. We threw them in the back of the car and headed to the walking trail. Twenty minutes down the trail it started to rain. Weirdly, it was twice as long going back. There's something about rain running down your back and dripping off your eyelashes that makes you wish you'd opted for the treadmill instead.

The car reeks of wet dog.


JennyH said...

Karen you always make me laugh!

I can just picture Micah in the "leash" now... and yes, it looks like what you described. Max would do the same thing I'm sure. Then figure out how to get the thing off! Maybe Micah will stop running by next Summer- finger crossed!

Has anything changed? I hear it ALL the time. doesn't every single doctor office ask that when you call and then also go in?!!

Have a good day!

Becoming Mommy said...

t’s not just kids with disabilities…it’s kids who have asthma and are allergic to everything as well (we see a Dr. roughly every 4 weeks). And that answer to the vet actually makes sense too. Our dogs have a host of specialists and so we also have health insurance for them.

We are also the proud owners of a kid leash. It doesn’t help when they have rubber legs, but it does keep the running off to a minimum

Leanne said...

I have no idea how to keep Micah safe but it sounds like you're on the right track with the harness - good luck with that. I too was one of those Mom's who sneered at them until I had my 'wild child'.

As for the clothes? Hey, you lost weight, you DESERVE new ones! ;)

Viv said...

I thought your insurance joke was VERY funny...of course I have a million kids, so I am more in the target audience.

Kiddie leashes. I have one that I use for H. That being said, you are a dog owner and lover, so I am certain that you have seen someone trying to walk a very badly behaved dog on a leash...that is exactly what I look like when H is wearing his monkey, but, the alternative is the screaming/crying/kicking of his legs/locking the wheels with his sneakers that occurs when he is in the stroller. H is already 50 lbs, and I really feel for you. I hope it works better for Micah.

BeautifulWreck said...

I believe in a leash. I used to not but then we had Dylan. And now our littlest one needs one too. Actually she has a harness and I am very happy with it.

Shellie said...

I always thought anyone who can use a leash on a kid probably has a compliant enough kid they don't really need it. We tried it while making a trip to Chile with a 14 month old. He dropped and flopped. My advice? If you need a leash, you also need a skateboard. Then you can just lay the flopper on it, and pull him along.

Trannyhead said...

We have the leash.

We rarely use it, but when it's some place super crowded or near traffic, we just gotta do it. The Little Man hates it, but it's better than death.

My Two Army Brats said...

We leashed our kids. I'm with Trannyhead it sure beats dead!