I'll Never Reach Coolness

Quite a while ago I was telling my kids that I'd be the coolest mom ever if I didn't have 4 kids to deal with. I mean, I'd be so patient, and understanding, and FUN. I would probably even drive a fun car like THAT one. Yeh, I know I would. If I didn't have 4 kids that required me to drive a mini-bus, I'd have a funky car like THAT one. See how cute it is? And little? And how little room there is for kids, but plenty of room for shopping bags in the back seat or trunk?

Yeh. That. *sigh*

The kids bring this up on occasion; the fact that I could drive something else if I didn't have the kids. They talk about how cool I (think I) would be. How I would truly be the Coolest Mom Ever.

Not one of those kids has yet to pick up on the fact that if I didn't have them, I wouldn't be a mom. Sadly, the irony is lost. But being the most uncool mom ever, I just chuckle under my breath at them as they go on about what a cool mom I could be if only I didn't have kids.

I'm a little bit afraid for our future.


Viv said...

What? You are a cool mom!

Anonymous said...

Meh . . . coolness is overrated.

(And I am with Viv . . . I think you are pretty darn cool! Don't your children know that not all kids get to live on a miniature farm and cuddle puppies everyday?! Someday soon, Maren is going to be BEYOND jealous.)

designHER Momma said...

I've often wondered how cool of mom I could be if I didn't have kids. hmmm...don't think it really works that way.

Karen Deborah said...

You are so funny. One time we had a pet rat. I know you can handle this because you eat already chewed food from your kids so what is the problem? Well, anyway our rat Miss Liza Jane Ratigan died. The girls were little and they just bawled. They asked papa to "say sumpin nice" at Miz Lizas funeral. Pa never could understand us havin a pet rat even a nice one; so he said, "Here lies Liza in life you were a good rat, and now that your dead your better." My girls looked up at him with their tear stained faces and said," that was real nice Papa."

Yep, clueless, but they think it's very funny now. Someday your kids will get the joke, and they will also think your very cool. You are cool. Way cool and I don't think your less cool for driving a van.
I would have a convertible VW bug what would you have?

Michelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure our parents were saying the same thing about us!

Karen said...

It won't be long now before Becky starts to figure out that really are a cool mom. I think that starts to kick in around 18-19. Somewhere in there.

just jamie said...

"I'd be so patient, understanding, and FUN."

Damn. I love that! Because there are so many days I pause and question how I can be those things to OTHER people's children, and have little left for my own...? Must be my minivan s-u-c-k-i-n-g it all out of me.

And if my vote counts, your ARE one heckuva cool mom!

Roger Miller said...

My children's friends think I'm cool, much to the chagrine of my children. :)

They'll come around, someday. At least that's what I hear.