Embarrassment Is A Way of Life

Becky was talking to a friend recently about the angst of the teenage world. Said friend is a bit embarrassed by her family at times. Their vehicle broke down and until it gets repaired, they're driving a vintage Beatermobile, which in all honesty, looks good at least. With a little pimping it could be one sweet ride. Said friend doesn't care, and tries to hide when her mother picks her up from school.

Oh, the horrors.

(I haven't shown you a picture of our very own Barfmobile, named specifically for the stellar paint job that is puke green with chunks. Seriously. Awesome doesn't begin to cover it. And that's just the outside. I DID share a picture with Laski, who was in disbelief that a car could be so bad, and come to think of it I haven't heard from her since then.)

Said friend has a little brother this is Micah's best friend, which is a little scary to be honest. This little boy wanted to wear a Darth Vader mask into the grocery store the other day. His sister was mortified.

Becky laughed.

When Becky relayed this information to me, I realized first of all that we have a very well adjusted and down to earth daughter. Second, I realized that after six years of Micah, we've become conditioned to just about anything. A Darth Vader mask would be a welcome change for once.

Remember that time Micah mooned an entire restaurant, packed to the gills, on Father's Day? We do.

Or how about the time he pulled off his diaper in Wal-Mart and I bought him underpants and put them on him right there in the aisle?

Or our everyday life when Micah just uses the great outdoors as a potty?

Or how about the fact that the kid spits his chewed up food onto my plate during mealtime?

There's always the time that Micah wore red boots to round up the ponies. JUST red boots.

And think of all the times that Micah is just plain LOUD while in public. Loud enough to be a beacon to call the family together when they wander off. (Yes, we do use our son as a bullhorn. We're just taking advantage of super powers when we see them.)

Yeh, I'll take a Darth Vader mask any day. That would be a walk in the park compared to living with Micah.


Anonymous said...

You have done a wonderful job raising a daughter who doesn't throw herself a continuous pity party for having to live with all that is Micah. It is funny to read about all of his antics and quirks, though I suppose it is not always funny in read life. Another reason why he is so lucky to have you and Sam for parents - I don't think I know of any body else who could roll with it the way that you do.

Karen said...

I love it!! That is awesome that Becky and laugh and roll with things. You think she could come teach my oldest how to do that?

Roger Miller said...

Ah, but has Micah ever worn the Darth Vader Mask? Or maybe he's more of a Boba Fett kinda kid. :)

Good for Becky to take it all in stride, and enjoy what life throws her way. Hope it sticks with her forever!

Trisha said...

A well adjusted teenage daughter is a true miracle. Embrace it while you can!

designHER Momma said...

you guys are going to have so much to remember and laugh about in about 20 years.

a little (or a lot) of humor makes life good.

The Sports Mama said...

I'm picturing the Darth Vader mask paired with the red boots. Perfect puppy round up attire, I think!

LOVE your kids!

Burgh Baby said...

At least he keeps things interesting!

JennyH said...

yeah, a Darth mask- what's the big deal!??

At least our kids live life to the fullest and don't care what others think!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Micah is shaping some mighty fine siblings, you have to give him credit for that :-)

Red boot roundup-- that would be a great name for a band... or a give away.. or a shirt! Know anyone that sews?
Shame on Laski-- where DID she go?